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Bushnell Phantom GPS Launched

Bushnell Phantom GPS Launched image courtesy Bushnell
Bushnell Phantom GPS Launched image courtesy Bushnell

Industry leading manufacturer Bushnell have released their latest GPS to the market after unveiling the Phantom as an upgrade on the Neo Ghost model.

The Bushnell Phantom GPS takes innovation to the next level; the lightweight distance measuring device is one of the most flexible yet thanks to the new “Bite Technology” that is integral to the design of the new product.

Bushnell have cleverly worked on introducing a high-power magnet into the design of the Phantom GPS, making it useable for the vast majority of golfers and adaptable to their own preferences. The unique “Bite Magnetic Mount” allows for the Phantom to be attached to belts, trolleys or any metallic surface. It comes with a clip holder to attach it to your ideal place for accessing yardages.

Bluetooth technology

The Bushnell Phantom GPS, which replaces the Neo Ghost GPS, also comes with Bluetooth capabilities to allow course updates to be made wirelessly.

Working in conjunction with the Bushnell App, the Bluetooth technology will ensure golfers always have the most up-to-date course details at their fingertips when teeing it up on the first. Access to the Bushnell App is provided as part of the purchase of the Phantom GPS, with no membership fees or additional download fees to pay.

“The addition of Bluetooth and Bite technologies push the Phantom a step above its predecessor, the Neo Ghost,” John DeCastro, Global Product Lane Director at Bushnell Golf, said. “Phantom provides golfers with the critical distance information they need, while offering the convenience and reliability they are accustomed to from Bushnell Golf GPS products.”

Smart device

The Bushnell Phantom GPS comes with 36,000 courses pre-loaded across 30 separate countries, providing distances to the front, middle and back of each green as well as up to four hazards per hole and lay up distances. It is simplistic in the data it offers, but has the information crucial to get your approach shots closer to the pins. You can also use the shot distance calculator to work out how far you hit your shots.

The big selling point of the Phantom is how simple it is to use as it provides quick access to the yardages as you play. It is very similar to a GPS watch in what it provides, but has that flexibility afforded by the magnet and clip.

There is auto course and auto hole recognition features built in, meaning the GPS should find the venue you are about to play, and if you are playing more than one round in a day you have no worries of the Phantom not lasting out the 36 holes.

Extended battery life

This is because Bushnell have ensured the new design comes with a longer battery life than ever before. You should find it lasting longer than two rounds before needing to be charged.

Available from March 2018 at around £99.99, the Phantom GPS can be purchased in four different colours with black, red, electric blue and neon yellow versions available.

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