Callaway Rogue Drivers Launched

Callaway Rogue Drivers image courtesy Callaway

Callaway have wasted no time in releasing brand-new equipment. Three new Rogue drivers are set to hit the market on the back of the successful launch of the GBB Epic last year.

The GBB Epic driver was an instant hit for Callaway fans and Tour stars. There is a new range to get your hands on: the leading manufacturer has released three versions of the Rogue to suit golfers of all abilities.

The Callaway Rogue drivers do not come cheap, but when Callaway promise a driver that is a step up on the Epic, you know you’ve got some special on your hands. It’s more powerful than the Epic and longer too. It’s no surprise that recent winners Chris Paisley and Sergio Garcia already have it in their bags.


The Callaway Rogue drivers do not have the adjustability that has been so popular in the Epic, but that’s the reason why Callaway have released three different versions of the Rogue in the shape of the Standard, Sub Zero and Draw drivers. They can all suit golfers with differing set up requirements.

The Rogue club head is slightly bigger than the Epic and has a more ‘stretched’ look. But the carbon fibre Speed Step crown is thinner and lighter. Inside of the X Face VFT— which comes in variable thickness and is, again, lighter— is the same Jailbreak technology that wowed golfers in the Epic. For the Rogue drivers, however, the structure of the Jailbreak bars has been altered to a more hourglass shape to be stiffer and provide a more flexible face. It’s more forgiving, too, with Callaway stating the narrower face makes for a 16 percent tighter shot dispersion.

Jailbreak technology

Significantly, Callaway have also included the Jailbreak technology on the face of the Rogue fairway woods, which accompany the driver in the range. There’s also a Rogue range of irons set to be released too.

The carbon fibre on the sole has gone, creating a lower CG and improving the aerodynamics for increased club head speed. Callaway claim the overall speed is a two percent improvement on the already fast-through-the-air Epic. It is that optimization that is the key behind the design of the Rogue, and it certainly delivers on that. In addition to being more forgiving, the Rogue produces greater ball speed, higher ball flight, longer carry distance and length off the tee.

While it isn’t adjustable to the degree of the Epic, the hosel on the Rogue does offer the option to deloft the driver by up to one degree. There is also the option of four shafts in varying degrees of weight to suit personal preference.

This isn’t a replacement for the Epic—it is to sit alongside it, offering two different types of Callaway driver that perform as well as one another. If you want to be able to change setup, stick with the Epic. If you like a settled setup, the Rogue is the one for you…particularly if you want more forgiveness.

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