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Coronavirus Causes PGA TOUR Havoc


The Coronavirus has spread panic to the PGA TOUR China division with the series announcing that they will be moving their global tournament because of the virus. The global tournament has been moved from the original location of Haikou, China to Laguna Golf Bintan in Lagoi, Indonesia.

Greg Carlson made quick change for players

“We felt this change was the best course of action considering what is happening in China right now,” said Greg Carlson, PGA TOUR Series-China executive director. He also explained how the location change did not seem to be a big deal. “Our existing relationship with the golf course and its staff made it a relatively seamless change. It is a very good golf course, and we very much appreciate Laguna Golf Bintan and its leadership accommodating us and helping this come together so quickly.”

Siyun Liu almost makes PGA TOUR history

This event features 72 holes and is one of three qualifying tournaments that the circuit holds. The tournament has seen a lot of monumental moments. One of those was when Siyun Liu almost is close to becoming the first woman to earn PGA TOUR status. Siyun Liu is only 19, but has shot rounds of 75 to stand in tie for 19th, which is a mere two shots outside of the qualifying spot at the reputable Foison Golf Club. Siyun is currently a senior at Wake Forest, and plans to go pro after college. In the January competition Siyun almost secured PGA Tour status.

Coronavirus may affect PGA TOUR China Division season

The PGA TOUR China division season is set to come to fruition on March 26, but with rampant spread of the Coronavirus, it is highly possible the location will be moved. Originally allotted to be in Sanya, China, it is likely they will choose to move the location as they did for the upcoming global tournament.

Coronavirus continues to rampantly spread

The Coronavirus continues to become a bigger threat to global health as doctors and specialists continue to note that the virus is more contagious than was originally thought. The virus has spread from 300 people to about 21,000 people and has killed about 420. China’s Health minister said that the virus has already had a vast mutation that has made a stronger virus and is easier to spread from human to human. The cornavirus has the capability of spreading before symptoms even show up.

Considering the seriousness of the virus Carlson wants to ensure the well-being of the staff and players are the first priority. “The health and well-being of our players, staff, fans, and all who are associated with PGA TOUR-Series China tournaments is of the utmost importance to us,” Carlson said. “We will continue to monitor what’s happening in China and how it might affect our regular season.”

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