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Debunking the Biggest Myths in Golf

Debunking the Biggest Myths in Golf | Essential golf

Rumors, myths, “I won’t do this and that because so and so said this,” how many times have we heard this same old boring story? Myths are dangerous in sports and every aspect of life because some people have been kept captive by unfounded fears and stopped short of reaching their potential. There are many different myths surrounding the fantastic sport of golf, and many natural-born golfers have shied away from unleashing their talent on the course, fearing that they aren’t up to the task. Well, the day has come to drive a dagger right through some of the typical golf myths and set your mind at ease.

Top 10 Biggest Myths in Golf

Keep Your Feet Still

You might have heard that you must plant your feet and keep them still like a robot to make the perfect swing. Where is the fun in that? Some players like Bubba Watson and Lexi Thompson dance around a little bit and still make perfect shots with combined accuracy and distance. It is best that you discover what works for you.

Do Not Use Your Wrists

Telling a golfer not to use their wrists is like telling a surgeon not to use their hands. Absurd, right? Wrists form a vital lever in your swing to create height and speed for your shots. It’s like throwing a ball how you first think, step, and throw. With the proper swing sequence, your wrists will do you justice by acting as the perfect speed producer.

Over-Swing Is the Problem

The overswing myth is one of the most notorious ones in golf, and many people tend to blame hitting the ball poorly on the overswing. This notion is a white lie. Many star golfers overswing and still perform excellently. So please don’t blame every lousy shot on an overswing because it might even be a blessing in disguise. 

Keep Your Head Down

How often have we heard golfers blaming their foul shots on the fact that they looked up? Some people can even swear that the first commandment in the golfing bible is “Keep Your Head Down.” What you need to realize is that context matters. If you are pitching or doing a full swing, then DO NOT keep your head down. However, it might help to look down when putting or doing short shots.

The Best Golf Instructors Know Everything

If you are trying to learn kung fu, your master is your god, and you should follow everything they tell you. However, golfing is different because every student is highly unique. Paying for the top-ranked instructor might help, but it’s not an automatic fix that will instantly help you to improve your swing. The instructor already understands how a swing works, but the challenge lies in understanding the mind of the student and their learning process and then offering appropriate guidance.