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Can flavonoids reduce inflammation, speed recovery and increase mental focus?

Bilberries and blueberries have flavonoid rich profiles

Like anything else, nutritional science has come a long way over the last couple of decades. The study into plant chemicals, especially flavonoids (the most active and important part of polyphenols) is becoming the main focal point of preventative health care.

Researchers are discovering that Flavonoids, above all else, are the main contributors to the prevention of many diseases induced by inflammation. So much so that a published research article recently showed that high levels of flavonoids in one’s diet can reduce mortality in humans by up to 60%.

Any athlete will tell you that inflammation is what inhibits recovery from exercise and delays rehabilitation from injuries. Correspondingly, a diet high in Flavonoids seems like a perfect answer for people trying to become healthier, live longer and lead more active lives, right?

What is a flavonoid? 

As mentioned above, flavonoids are the active parts of polyphenols found in plant foods that help us fight disease, inflammation, and oxidative stress. The problem is that they are extremely difficult for the body to absorb.

Because of their high levels of health benefits, the military research sector DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) began experimenting with flavonoids to help military soldiers recover better under the most extreme conditions on earth (middle-east war zones).

The problem was finding a way to absorb enough fllavonoids into the blood stream without being able to eat 10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day on the battlefield. Those studies led to the advancement of research in the field of flavonoids.

Is a solution to sustainable health on the horizon?

Health issues have been getting worse for many people because our food supply doesn’t have the same nutritional value it did several decades ago. Soil is weaker, nutrients are more depleted, and pesticides tend to kill many of the nutrients before they have a chance to develop.

Figuring out how to deliver the most important and beneficial aspects of plant foods to boost the immune system and help sustain long term health has been a problem, which nutritional scientists have been trying to solve for decades. Telling people to “eat more fruits and vegetables” simply fails to work; however, the aggressive research into flavonoids has established a breakthrough.

As the goal of the military research was to create the most effective and convenient way to help soldiers achieve their greatest level of sustainable health (instead of trying to create a highly marketable product), the flavonoid supplement took a completely different approach to its creation. The focus was 100% on the benefits and overall convenience of the product, not marketability. Popular ingredients weren’t added purely for their marketability, only the best ingredients survived and were used in clinical amounts.

The discovery made was that just like soldiers, the harder you push Flavonoids to fight for themselves, the stronger they become. And the most powerful Flavonoids come from wild-grown plants, which have had to adopt to harsh conditions and acquire strength to survive.

Flavonoids: soldiers for our health?

After several years, the research and development that began in the military was completed by a private research company, who finally comprised a formula allowing the body to absorb and activate highly potent and diverse flavonoids, from natural plant superfoods and into the bloodstream. The holy grail, this patented blend delivers a daily clinical dose of powerful flavonoids to allow everyone to profit from all the health benefits flavonoids provide on a daily basis – (without the sugar content of eating raw fruits and vegetables).

This blend was comprised of the most powerful and diverse flavonoid sources from around the world and partnered with specific nutrients that help activate the flavonoids into your blood stream – Like troops sent to defend your health against inflammation and disease.

Other benefits of flavonoids 

Studies show that diets rich in flavonoids can help reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. One of the main benefits of consuming high amounts of flavonoids is the mental energy and focus. Going back to the military, it is very important for soldiers to be able to focus when there are bullets flying at them and they’ve been out in the sun for several days in a row.

Can you think of any aspect of your life (or even on the golf course) where you would like to be more mentally focused and able to perform a task under pressure? What about being able to recover faster after workouts, long work days, dealing with kids, and being able to stay healthier and more active longer?

Bionuvo EDGE: Is there a way to get it?

This patented blend of the world’s purest flavonoids is now available to the general public. Proven in human double-blind clinical trials and NSF Certified for Sport, it is one of the only supplements on the market that can back up all of its claims. It is currently being sold under the name Bionuvo EDGE at As a reader of Essential Golf, Bionuvo EDGE is offering a 1-time 50% discount to try Bionuvo by using the code “GOLF” at checkout.

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