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How to Attract Beginners to Your Golf Course

How to Attract Beginners to Your Golf Course

Yes, you have everything figured out in your golf course – a captivating design, high-quality greens, and lush, beautiful fairways worth a feature on Golf Magazine. But how do you beat the competition in today’s fast-paced golf industry, where course design has become a race for the Titans, with breathtaking courses launching daily? One of the most crucial components of golf course marketing is attracting beginners to your fairways and retaining them as part of your customer base. Running a golf course is a business like any other, targeted towards profit, and you need clever marketing hacks to make that happen. Read on to discover how to attract beginners to your course and retain them.

Top Tips to Attract Beginners to Your Golf Course

Offer Beginner-Friendly Programs

Anyone new to golf will first seek a basic understanding of the sport. Fulfill this desire by creating introductory golf clinics or lessons curated for beginners. Focus on teaching beginners the golf basics, including stance, grip, swing, and etiquette. Provide affordable beginner-friendly package deals, including lessons and equipment rentals. 

Loan or Rent Equipment

A beginner has little to zero knowledge about golf equipment, and they may not own a set of clubs. Fill this void by offering rental equipment such as clubs, carts, and any other necessary equipment that will give them a wholesome golfing experience. Rent-and-try programs work well where beginners experiment with different club sets and pick a suitable one. 

Create a Family-Friendly Environment

Not every beginner golfer plans to go pro and play on tour. Some clients want to learn golf for fun as they socialize with peers and family members. You should market your course as a family-friendly destination where parents can tag their children along and have a fantastic golf hangout. Create special family packages targeting beginners with kids.

Build an Engaging Online Presence

Everything runs on the internet in the 21st century. Word of mouth is no longer enough to attract new clients, so you need a modern, user-friendly website detailing beginner programs, package rates, and contact information. You also need to establish a presence on all major social media platforms where you can engage potential customers.

Organize Events and Tournaments

Events and tournaments are an incredible way to evoke golf interest in beginners. It would help if you hosted strategic beginner-friendly events such as best-ball tournaments or scrambles that are less about competition and more about fun and learning. A clever tactic is hosting “Learn to Golf” type events that combine on-course play and instruction.