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New Callaway XR Speed Driver to Be Launched

New Callaway XR Speed Driver to Be Launched image courtesy Callaway
New Callaway XR Speed Driver to Be Launched image courtesy Callaway

The Callaway XR Speed driver has been launched by the leading manufacturer, giving golfers a new mid-market option to choose from in an ever-increasing array of big sticks.

Having added the Callaway Epic driver to their range in 2017, the Callaway Rogue driver was quickly released on the back of it, hitting the market earlier this year.

While those two options have proven to be extremely popular as new additions to the premium end of the spectrum, the XR Speed driver has been brought out as a replacement for the XR 16 and will sit in the mid-market range.

Value for money

The XR range of Callaway drivers are well-liked and have provided golfers with excellent value for money. The Callaway XR Speed driver will be no different, retailing at a very reasonable price to attract more golfers—its release is currently scheduled for May 2018.

What have the brains at the Callaway research and development facility come up with to improve on what the XR 16 driver already offered? Well, the Callaway XR Speed driver is lighter, faster and more forgiving than any of its predecessors, for starters. There is plenty of technology that has gone into the new design to improve performance too.

Although it doesn’t have the unique Jailbreak Technology and the bars that feature behind the faces of both the Epic and Rogue, Callaway have still come up with a driver they expect to rival their own premium products.

Dr. Alan Hocknell, Senior Vice President, Research and Development at Callaway Golf, said: “Our Jailbreak Technology made Epic the number one selling driver globally in 2017, and this year the new Rogue family of woods—also featuring Jailbreak—is off to an equally strong start.

Accessible to every golfer

“We are however aware that drivers in the super-premium category aren’t accessible to every golfer. So our challenge with the new XR Speed was to deliver the best ‘non-Jailbreak’ driver possible, to sit in the premium category, that would still outperform competitor drivers, as well as give Epic and Rogue a run for their money.”

The Callaway XR Speed driver features X Face VFT (Variable Face Thickness) technology that should help maximise ball speed from strikes anywhere on the club face and—ultimately—produce increased distance to drives.

There is added speed in the swing, too, thanks to the XR Speed becoming the lightest model yet thanks to a titanium crown that is 45 percent lighter than the XR 16. Throw in improved aerodynamics and airflow around the club head to help the driver cut through the air and you can see why the model got its name.

With the center of gravity lowered, Callaway promise it is the longest and most forgiving version of the XR they have produced. This will be music to the ears of golfers looking to eek out added distance off the tee without sacrificing the forgiveness offered by previous models.

Also part of the Callaway XR Speed driver range will be fairway woods (3W, 4W, 5W and 7W) designed with Hyper Speed Face Cup to increase ball speeds and add distance on longer shots.

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