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Putter Grips to Try in 2023

Putter Grips to Try in 2023

Considering how important a putter is in a golfer’s bag, the choice of a putter grip is one of the most sensitive and highly rewarding decisions that a player gets to make. Fortunately, the putter grip market is filled with a wide variety of options to suit different playing styles and preferences. While choosing the best putter grip for you, it’s important to understand your stroke and alignment so that you can settle on one that produces the best connection with the golf ball. Below we look at a few popular and highly-regarded options as well as factors that should influence your choice.

Factors To Consider When Selecting a Putter Grip

  • Shape

The shape of your putter grip dictates where your hands grip the club. There are six predominant putter grip shapes produced by most manufacturers: mod pistol grips, flat wide, oval, flat oval, pistol, and circle. Your choice should be guided by the control, feel, and personal preference.

  • Size

Your wrist action during a stroke is determined by the size of your putter grip. Golfers that produce limited movement may benefit from a standard or midsize grip while those seeking to reduce wrist movement may appreciate a jumbo or oversized construction.

  • Tackiness

The tackiness of a putter grip is mainly determined by the material. Having a tacky grip enables you to relax your hands when holding the club, resulting in a more controlled, fluid stroke. 

  • Feel

Like with any other club, the feel of your putter largely impacts your performance. You need a putter grip that produces the best overall feel, control, and responsivity as you strike through the ball. 

  • Style

Choosing the best putter grip style for you should be informed by how you hold your putter. A regular pistol-style putter grip may be ideal for someone with a traditional grip, while a reverse taper may go well with someone who putts cross-handed.