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Secrets of Successful Putting

Secrets of Successful Putting

Putting is a key part of the game. There’s a whirlwind of emotions right from when you visualize and aim the shot to watching the ball roll down the green and ultimately sinking the ball into the hole. Although it might seem easy, like conquering a game of pool or hitting the bullseye in darts, putting requires mastery of certain techniques that give you an edge over your competitors on the course. It would help if you also had the proper mental focus to excel in putting, and combined with consistent practice, you will watch your scores improve in real time. Read on to discover some secret hacks for successful putting.

Top 10 Tips to Excel in Putting

Have a Solid Setup

Preparation is key if you want to attain success in any venture. Prowess in putting starts with a solid setup, which includes first ensuring that you have a comfortable and consistent stance. You should keep your weight centered and balanced and find a comfortable grip that facilitates a smooth stroke. Your eyes should align directly over the putter’s face and golf ball.

Visualize Success

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. First, ensure proper eye alignment, where you can draw an imaginary line from the putter face to the hole. The next step is to visualize your successful putt by developing a clear mental image of the ball rolling majestically along your imaginary line and sinking into the hole as planned.

Practice Reading Greens

Green reading is one of the most important aspects of successful putting, and you should invest your time to master this divine concept. Since courses bear different designs, learn to read the grain, slope, and any minute breaks on the green. It’s important to consider the speed of the green and the impact it will have on the roll of the ball.

Develop a Consistent Pre-shot Routine

Every putting hero understands the power of a consistent pre-shot routine. You should find what works for you right before taking the shot, whether it’s taking deep breaths or reciting your favorite verse to calm your nerves. Once you discover what inspires confidence in your setup and approach, stick to it, taking the same amount of time for each putt.

Enhance Your Stroke Technique

Your hands are your battle weapons in golf, so you should release any unnecessary tension in your shoulders, wrists, and hands before every shot. You must focus on a rhythmic and smooth putting stroke, avoiding abrupt or jerky motions that might derail the intended shot. Learn to maintain a constant tempo by letting the putter swing freely.