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The Ten Greatest Golfers of All Time

Greatest Golfers of All Time
  1. Tiger Woods
tiger woods

Let’s start with this and just let it sink in for a minute. Tiger Woods has won 25% of the tournaments he has played in, with our number ten golfer Phil Mickelson next on that list with 8%.

Tiger’s unparalleled mental strength has led him to 15 major championships, and 82 PGA Tour wins. Without any shadow of a doubt, he is the best golfer ever to grace the fairways and greens. At his peak, he won the British Open by 11, the Masters by 12 and the U.S Open by an incredible 15 shots.

In 2018 Tiger stunned the world by rising from 656th to 13th in the world in one season before winning the U.S Masters in 2019 to secure his 15th major, three short of the greatest golfer ever.

  1. Jack Nicklaus
jack nicklaus

The accomplishments are already known—18 major championships. Win or lose, ‘The Golden Bear’ always bought out the best in his opponents. Watson, Palmer, Player, then later, the greats of the game that narrowly missed out on the list, Norman, Faldo and Ballesteros all fell to Nicklaus despite playing him at their peak.

Tiger Woods played the best golf the world has ever seen from 2001 to 2008, but he still has a bit of work to catch Jack Nicklaus in both majors and longevity.

Nicklaus continues to shape the game of golf today with his golf course design company.


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