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Two-Time Masters Winner, Bubba Watson Discusses his Passion for Family

Bubba Watson and his family. Image courtesy of Jockey Being Family Foundation.

Bubba Watson and his family. Image courtesy of Jockey Being Family Foundation.

Right now, there are over 440,000 children in the foster care system. On average, one in ten adoptions fail every year and the children at sent back into foster care.1 As part of their Show ’Em What’s Underneath campaign and to raise awareness for the Jockey Being Family Foundation, Jockey has partnered with 2-time Masters winner and father of two adopted children, Bubba Watson.

Dad first, pro second

You may know Bubba Watson for his dramatic finish in the 2012 Masters tournament or for his reputation as one of the longest drivers on the Tour, year after year. But what you may not be aware of is Bubba is the proud father of two beautiful, adopted children, Caleb and Dakota. For all his excellence on the course, what he values most is his faith and his family life, not his trophies and recognition.

The importance of family

Family has always been important to Bubba. He dedicated his first PGA victory to his Dad who was undergoing cancer treatment at the time. So, when he first started dating, Angie, it was only natural that the subject of kids would come up. “It was our first date or our second, Bubba swears it was our first, we started talking about kids. I had to tell him that the chances of my having kids were slim. He said lets give a child a home. Let’s adopt. It was so endearing, so touching” relates Angie. After getting married in 2004, they started actively pursuing adoption.

The course to adoption

As it is for many families, adopting was a challenge for the Watson’s. They were turned down three times by birth mothers, once just days before the adoption was supposed to take place.

“You don’t want to talk about it but getting turned down is part of the process. A hard part. ” After 4 long years of heartache and pain, their prayers were answered.

On the eve of his 2012 Masters win, they received 3-week old Caleb. While putting on the green champion’s jacket, his thoughts were not on what he had just accomplished by winning a Major, it was on achieving what he had always dreamed about: being a Dad, a family man. “Golf is just a game,” says Bubba, “but family is everything. It’s forever.”

Despite the obstacles and the emotional ups and downs they had faced together, the joy of holding their child in their arms made it all worth it. The pain simply disappeared. Two years later, they adopted their second child, a daughter, Dakota. 

Partnering with Jockey and Jockey Being Family

Bubba and Angie believe that every child deserves a family. Nothing is more important. But the rewards go far beyond providing deserving children a loving home. It was a dream come true for the Bubba and Angie Watson, a chance to nurture and raise kids of their own.

Having lived through the challenges of the adoption process first hand, Bubba and Angie were inspired to share their experiences. As part of their commitment, starting in February 2019, they became brand ambassadors for Jockey, appearing in ads as part of their Show ’Em What’s Underneath campaign. The campaign allows the Watson’s to lend their voice and help others learn about adoption.

“Angie and I believe that every child deserves a forever family but few people understand how challenging that can be,” says Bubba. “Jockey Being Family is committed to helping all adoptive families succeed.”

For Jockey Being Family, the Watson’s were a perfect match. “Bubba and Angie’s voice and his fame on the PGA tour are essential to our efforts to raise awareness about the needs of adoptive families. They understand the challenges that all adoptive families face because they’ve faced them themselves. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have them be a part of our family,” says Debra S. Waller, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Jockey and founder of the Jockey Being Foundation.

A Passion For Family

Jockey’s Show ’Em campaign has helped Bubba and Angie Watson demonstrate that love and commitment to family always comes first. And that unconditional love can conquer the world.

Want to know more about Jockey Being Family Foundation and how you can join Bubba and Angie in helping adoptive families? Visit

This article is sponsored by Jockey and the Jockey Being Family Foundation who are grateful for the efforts of Bubba and Angie Watson, and the entire golfing community, on behalf of foster children and adoptive families.

The Jockey Being Family Foundation supports services critical to helping adoptive families manage their unique challenges. These services include counseling, therapy for children and families, parent support groups, respite care, educational workshops, financial resources, and health care services.  

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