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Unique Golf Formats You Should Try Out

Different fun golf formats. Essential Golf

Do you want to avoid regular match play or the bog-standard 18-hole round and spice things up? You’ll be pleased to find that golf is everything but boring. The game has many opportunities, like a pack of shuffled cards and hundreds of fun formats to liven up your next group golf trip. Any teacher will also tell you that students learn faster when the subject is fun, so mixing things up on the course from time to time might be fruitful for your gameplay. Read on to discover ten exciting golf formats that freshen up a round.

Incredible Golf Formats You Must Indulge In

Bingo, Bango, Bongo

Bingo, Bango, Bongo is a points-based game for two, three, or four players, with three points for grabs on every hole. The first point (Bingo) goes to the golfer who gets their ball onto the green first, while the second point (Bango) is for the one with the ball closest to the hole after all balls are on the green. The third point (Bongo) is for whoever sinks the putt first. The order of play is such that the furthest player from the hole plays first.

Texas Scramble

Most golf courses globally favor the Texas Scramble format due to its enjoyability, quick play, and ability to accommodate all levels of golfers. The game involves two, three, or four players. It starts with each player teeing off, and then all players decide which drive is the best. After that, the other players pick up their balls, and all golfers play from the chosen best shot. The players then repeat the process until holing out.


Stringball is a fun, tactical, and easy-to-understand game every golfer should try. For every shot, you receive a foot of string and a little pair of scissors instead of a handicap. You may use your string to relocate your ball to a more advantageous location, but you must first measure the distance you travel before deducting that amount from your allowance. You can move your ball in any direction and as far as you desire if you have any more string to utilize. The string will rescue you if the ball gets stuck in a difficult bunker or other danger!


If you want a perfect friendly golf outing, try this format, which has its roots in The Nassau Country Club on Long Island. It involves playing a game for the front nine holes, another for the back nine, and an overall game. You have three options when choosing which game to play: Match Play, Stableford, or Strokeplay. The game offers ample opportunities to recover from bad holes, and whoever wins gets all the bragging rights.


Also known as Alternate Shot, Foursomes is a format in which one player concentrates on all even-numbered holes and the other tees off on the odd-numbered ones. You then rotate swings until you complete the hole. This format, following standard match-play rules, is not just about teamwork but also about strategy. Players must adapt to each other’s playing styles, making every shot strategic.