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Ladies European Tour CEO Announced

There’s a new sheriff on the green for the Ladies European Tour, and that person is Alexandra Armas. Armas is named as the permanent Chief Executive Officer after being brought in as a stand-in. The Ladies European Tour was in a bit of a tailspin back in September when it was announced the longstanding CEO, Mark Lichtenhein would be stepping down from his position.

Lichtenhein’s Ladies European Tour Legacy

A beacon of important history in European pro golf, Mark first got involved with the Ladies European Tour back in November 2015 when he joined the board as a non-executive. In 2017 he was promoted to Executive Chairman and was asked to continue this pivotal role in women’s pro golf through 2018.

During his time as Chief Executive Officer, Lichtenhein made some groundbreaking strides in the world of women’s pro golf by bringing more tournaments to the Ladies European Tour. These include the LET, LET Access Series events in Spain, France and the Czech Republic in 2019, the Jordan Mixed Open with the Challenge Tour, Staysure Tour and Dubai Moonlight Classic.

Armas’ Pro Golf Background

Upon his departure back in September, Armas temporarily came in and filled the void surprisingly well with her background as the Ladies European Tour Executive Director from 2008-2012. Armas has ample experience on the golf course who went to Wake University on a golf scholarship, and then played pro golf for four years following her collegiate career.

Armas will report directly to the Board of Directors for the Ladies European Golf Venture Limited and the Ladies Professional Golf Association. This joint program started on January 8, 2020, and was brought into fruition to promote more opportunities for women in the pro golf world to play.

“Turning Point For Women’s Golf”

Armas doubled down on her passion for women’s pro golf in a statement about this newfound permanent career venture. “I am incredibly excited to lead the Ladies European Tour at what is a real turning point for women’s golf and professional sport.” She adds, “The vision for the LPGA-LET partnership is a completely new project and I strongly believe that we are headed in the right direction to take the [Ladies European Tour] to greater heights.”  

This announcement is a monumental moment in the world of pro women’s golf and the Ladies European Tour as it continues to thrive and create history on the golf course. 

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