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Augusta National appeals to foodies

Augusta National

Augusta National is one tournament that always leaves a mark behind in golf enthusiasts’ minds, with thousands of spectators supporting their professional golfers on the green for the love of the sport. The Masters is one tournament that anyone would love to behold.   

However, there is something else that the Master features that adds to the fun – its concessions.

Each year, Augusta National always plays host to patrons, welcoming them with open hands through its gates with delicious food and drink varieties. The menu items are mouthwatering (local dishes), tagging that there are very affordable. 

You can try out their famed pimento cheese sandwich for just $1.50, while the Georgia peach ice cream cost only $2. Individuals that are budget free can enjoy a barbeque pork sandwich and a beer to swing it down for $4.

However, with the coronavirus pandemic getting worse at it , there will be neither patrons nor concessions on that day. One would affirm that having a master that doesn’t feature fans and cheap concessions like previous years is like having no masters at all. This also means that we would have to adjust to a more conservative eating habit this time around.

Nevertheless, Augusta National has got the backs of fans, featuring some new development to help patrons have a better experience with the masters. 

On Monday, the Master’s “patron shop” was unveiled. It granted patrons with tickets to this year’s master access to its shops. 

The patron shop is created as an online retail platform to replace the traditional retail outlet located on tournament grounds. 

Some of the items included for sales on this new online retail shop are “Taste of the Masters.” The intent of Augusta National’s is to bring the Master’s concessions to your door step. Upon purchasing the taste of the Master’s collection, golf fans will be provided with a collection of “signature” concession items that will be shipped to their various homes in time for the main action in Augusta National. 

The package sent from the Master’s Patron shop can serve up to 10 persons and include the following concession items:

  • 1 pound of egg salad
  • 1 pound of pimento cheese
  • Eight bags of potato chips
  • 1.5 pounds of pork barbeque
  • Six chocolate chip cookies
  • Six bags of caramel popcorn
  • Logo checkerboard serving paper 
  • 25 commemorative Masters cups

Even though we will all be enjoying the masters from our various homes, Augusta National has featured the “Taste of the Masters” so that it would feel like old times. Yes, we can’t replace the walks and new friends we would’ve made that day, but enjoying fabulous menus like before is pretty damn close.

Notwithstanding, there is a catch to all this. Delivering a large quantity of perishable foods across the country does not cost peanuts, so this cost for the concessions is a little bit higher than what we’re accustomed to.

The Masters has labeled the package’s price for $150, including shipping fees to various locations. The concession package will be delivered to locations before the event kicks off at Augusta National.

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