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How Can an Electric Trolley Lower Your Scores on the Golf Course?

Are you struggling to better your scores on the local golf course? Do you keep wondering why you repeatedly score high? Are you tired of constantly practicing and seeing no improvements? Well, perhaps acquiring an electric trolley might solve your problems.

This might come as a bit of surprise; however, the truth is that electric golf trolleys offer significantly more than just convenience.

Additional Energy = Better Scores

So, we have your attention? Great. If you are not seeing the fruits of your labors on the green, then the likelihood is that you are an electric trolley away from seeing vast improvements.

For those who are not the biggest fans of golf, the sport may seem a bit calm and laid-back – however while you are on the course, you can easily rack up those daily steps, as you could walk for up to two miles or even more during a normal game.

Not only that, you are also doing a lot of lifting and carrying throughout the course, transporting your golfing equipment to different areas of the course.

Therefore, by the time you are actually taking your shot, the levels of energy your body will have will already be significantly lower than the optimum, and in certain cases, enough to affect your performance

How an Electric Trolley Helps

When you are swinging your golf clubs, you heavily rely on your muscles and even when you are putting, you rely on them for balance, control and energy transfer. But, if you are frequently carrying around your equipment, it can have a negative impact on your muscles and weaken them.

With the number of times you could be lifting and slinging your bag over your shoulder during the day, this energy could be saved for providing you with the much-needed energy for your shots.

Reduce Risk of Injury

If you have previously suffered an injury during your time on the course or have returned to playing after an injury, you will know how much of an impact it can have on your game as well as your strength.

However, did you know that simply carrying around a bag full of your golfing equipment can easily cause injury by itself?

Research has shown that a significant proportion of injuries that occur in golf are due to the carrying, pulling and pushing of equipment, which has an impact on how well you will be able to play.

In addition, depending the injury you have suffered from, it can take weeks and sometimes months for you to get back onto the course and into the swing of playing. Therefore, it is definitely worth having a look at acquiring an electric golf trolley, especially if you have constantly suffered from injuries on the course.

Invest in Your Game

We do understand that obtaining an electric golf trolley is an investment and it isn’t an easy decision to make to get one. They can be quick expensive, and depending on what sort of features you are looking for on the trolley, it is worth shopping around to find the perfect electric golf trolley that meets all your requirements and that fits within your budget.

However, one thing that we can guarantee is that purchasing an electric golf trolley will certainly be a wise investment that will benefit your game. Within weeks, you will be able to witness your scores shoot downwards.

Some of the Best Golf Trollies for 2021:

PowaKaddy CT6 18 Hole Lithium Electric Trolley 2021, £599

PowaKaddy’s CT6 has an intuitive Simple-2-Fold system meaning that this trolley can be put away in no time at all. This new model is 20% smaller than the previous PowaKaddy compact trolley and it is also 35% smaller than its nearest competitor. It has a new and improved 2.8” full-color screen and also offers a USB charging port to charge GPS or mobile devices.

PowaKaddy FX5 36 Hole Lithium Trolley 2021, £599

PowaKaddy’s FX5 design features gunmetal and premium trims, a new 2.8” full-color display, automatic distance function and a USB charging point – meaning you can be confident of its high performance. This trolley has a superior performance, low-profile Powaframe chassis which is easy to clean and provides optimum ground clearance.

MGI Zip X1 Lithium Electric Trolley, £549

The MGI Zip X1 is a newly engineered trolley with a new zip fold 4-wheel design which is considerably easier to fold into place for transportation – it also includes a free umbrella holder. The variable settings for the trolley self-move and distance results in the pace of play that is quick and efficient.

Golfstream Vison 18 Hole Lithium Electric Trolley, £449

The Golfstream Vison trolley has been constructed through 60 years of experience and three years of production. It is revolutionary in its combination of streamline style and aerospace technology to offer their best trolley yet. To make the golfer’s life easier, the trolley uses a simple to operate one-click folding design. The anti-clog front wheel of the trolley helps to prevent build-up of mud to ensure that the trolley effortlessly glides around the golf course.

Fazer 18 Hole Electric Trolley, £399

The Fazer 18 Hole trolley, thanks to its powerful battery and 200w motor, will survive any terrain that it encounters. It is quiet when operating, rugged and will handle the wearability of each passing round. The frame is designed from strong enhanced aluminium which gives a sturdy structure but also ensures that the weight is kept to a minimum, further benefiting transportation needs.

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