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Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball Review

Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball Review
Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball Review

The Srixon Z-Star golf ball has sat in the shadow of the Titleist Pro V1 for quite some time it seems. But the enhanced 2017 version might well help it emerge as the star that it undoubtedly is.

The Srixon Z-Star golf ball is not cheap, but it isn’t as expensive for the average golfer as both the Pro V1 and the emerging TaylorMade TP5x. Yet, it has never had the same hype, media attention or talk about it that it—perhaps—deserves.

Srixon’s premium golf ball has been around a while in two forms—the Z-Star and the Z-Star XV, which is the firmer of the two products. Now, some tweaks to the design have been made to help produce more distance, less spin and all round better results.

Having opted for less dimples in a previous design alteration, some of those have returned in the 2017 version. The Srixon Z-Star golf ball is back up to 338 dimples. This should result in extra glide and less drag for added distance in the air.

The design of the cover has also changed to what Srixon describe as a “Next Generation Spin Skin”. The urethane cover is now accompanied by another layer of spin skin coating, which helps produce more spin from shorter shots.

Inside the ball, the inner core of the 3-layer Z-Star is even softer than before to help create control on shorter shots. On the 4-layer Z-Star XV, there is a firmer outer core added to help provide the added distance expected of it, compared to the standard Z-Star. Srixon believe they now have the perfect combination between the inner and outer core and as a result have been able to add distance.

The end result is that you get a multi-piece ball, whichever option you choose to play, that produces exceptional distance, coupled with control and spin, in and around the green. A combination craved by all golfers.

Among the TOUR stars using the Srizon Z-Star golf ball are Hideki Matsuyama, Graeme McDowell, JB Holmes and Keegan Bradley. All of whom have enjoyed plenty of success on the PGA TOUR, European Tour and majors down the years.

Matsuyama certainly offers a glowing verdict, as you might expect. “I trust the total performance of the Z-Star XV. I have excellent distance and spin control on my iron and wedge shots, but what I like most about this new Z-Star XV is its pleasant sound and feel on all shots—especially the superb feedback on putts and chips.”

It is the perfect blend of distance and playability from shorter shots that has helped such high-calibre golfers achieve that success. That can be the case for you too. If you’re looking for a top of the range ball as an alternative to the Titleist Pro V1 or TaylorMade TP5x—and want it for a more affordable price—then this one’s for you.

The only real decision to make is whether you want the firmer Z-Star XV or the softer Z-Star. That will purely be down to personal preference. Try both and find out.

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