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Anthony Griggs wins amateur event using only a putter

Anthony Griggs wins tournament with putter

Besides a quick game of mini golf, I bet you have never considered playing a game with just a putter, however Army veteran, Anthony Griggs, not only completed a game, but came out victorious. 

Clubs weren’t a challenge for Anthony Griggs after a while

The game of golf requires a lot of concentration, skill, determination and of course the right iron. 60 year old Anthony Griggs, opted to use a putter for the entirety of the D Flight tournament at Whirlwind Golf Club in Arizona. The golf maven shot an 84 according to GolfWeek.

Anthony Griggs is a native from Indiana who moved to Arizona in 2001 and competed on several courses across the state. It was during this time that he amped up his game as a golfer, and decided that he wanted to challenge himself more than just using clubs while playing. 

Griggs has taken part in prestigious events, such as the 2018 Kadima Venture Pro-Am and the Waste Management Pre-Qualifier.

$2.99 putter wins the amateur tournament

Griggs usually hits the ball over 200 yards off the tee. All the same, the amateur golfer lost his zeal considering the traditional game of the sport. He was advised by a friend to play with just a putter to increase the competitiveness.

Not only did Griggs win with just a putter, but he ultimately did so with a putter that cost about the same as a cheeseburger from a fast-food restaurant.

Griggs purchased a Scotty Cameron putter to practice, but unfortunately the new piece of equipment broke before the event. Rather than purchasing a brand-new putter, Griggs went to a local store and purchased a Wilson Staff putter for $2.99. Amazingly, the amateur made use of the putter for all 18 holes of the round and smash Angel Faux by six strokes to win.

We can look forward to Griggs showing off his impressive putter skills when he plays the B Flight tournament with peers who have a more challenging skillset. 

Watch Golf News Net, play with just a putter after being inspired by Anthony Griggs below.

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