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Best Budget Golf Drivers in 2023

Best Budget Golf Drivers in 2023

The average driver price has increased as equipment manufacturers leverage modern technology and embrace new materials and aggressive marketing strategies. Coughing up $600 for a new driver may seem a lot for most players, but some golfers appreciate the importance of adopting new technology to improve their long game. 

However, if your pockets don’t allow it or you wish for a more affordable option, we have compiled a list of the ten best budget golf drivers to help improve your game without imposing financial constraints. A clever hack is to go for slightly older models, as they still offer modern technology but have come down in price significantly.

Top Ten Best Budget Golf Drivers in 2023

MacGregor V Foil Speed

MacGregor’s V Foil Speed driver boasts a stylish matte black 460cc full titanium head and inspires confidence at address, sitting perfectly behind the ball. The driver offers the ultimate combination of forgiveness off the tee, control, and distance, thanks to the high MOI design, premium lightweight graphite shaft, and expanded sweet spot. The ultra-thin face adds massive distance gains and delivers substantial ball speeds.

Cleveland Launcher XL

Mid-handicappers looking for the best budget drivers can benefit immensely from the Cleveland Launcher XL. It comes with 9°, 10.5° & 12° lofts, an adjustable hosel, and a Project X Cypher 50 stock shaft, designed to give you solid carry distance on an easy swing. The generous head size offers an incredibly confidence-inspiring look at address, while the contrasting crown and face finishes provide a modern, premium finish.

Wilson Launch Pad 2022

Another great driver for less than $300 is the Wilson Launch Pad 2022. The driver is suitable for slow swing speeds and is incredibly forgiving, providing excellent draw-bias performance and easy flight. It comes with a Project X Evenflow stock shaft and 9°, 10.5° & 13° loft variations, with PKR face geometry in the Launch Pad that provides a 5% bigger striking area than previous models.

Inesis 900 Driver

If you are looking for a simple, impressively forgiving, best-budget driver with appealing aesthetics and strong ball flight, the Inesis 900 is your best bet. It has low, medium, and high loft options, a LinQ M40X stock shaft, a glossy black crown, and a dark face. You will enjoy significant launch and spin, delivering strong flight and an excellent overall distance.

Tour Edge C522

The Tour Edge C522 is a solid all-around driver that retails at competitive rates of $200-$250 while delivering high-class performance at par with more expensive drivers. The C522 bears a Mitsubishi Fubuki HL stock shaft and highly forgives on mis-hits, offering consistent ball flight. Its premium look and large profile are visually appealing at address, inspiring confidence during your shots.