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Callaway Sure Out Wedge Review

Callaway Sure Out Wedge Review image courtesy Callaway
Callaway Sure Out Wedge Review image courtesy Callaway

The Callaway Sure Out Wedge has proved to be popular among golfers. It has been an immediate hit since it launched earlier in 2017, courtesy of it being an incredibly forgiving product that can help improve scoring.

If you struggle with chipping around greens, aren’t the best when in bunkers or develop the chipping yips every now and again with a fat or thin shot across the putting surface, the Sure Out might just provide the answer to your problems. Or at the very worst, restore a bit of confidence back into your short game.

Having worked with the renowned coach Hank Haney—best known for working alongside 14-time major winner Tiger Woods—during the design process of the Sure One, Callaway have come up with an impressive wedge that can benefit the game of golfers of all abilities.

The selling point of the Callaway Sure Out wedge is in the benefits it provides around the green, particularly from bunkers and the rough. With the slogan “Get Out and Get Up and Down”, Callaway really are promising to help you improve your touch and, ultimately, scoring when missing greens.

The high bounce design of the wedge makes it great from sand (this is arguably the greatest selling point), the club head gliding through to ensure escapes are easier and soft landings guaranteed. The wider sole, meanwhile, ensures you make a solid contact and improve distance control. The 17 grooves in the face of the club help provide shot-stopping spin and a bit of a welcome check on shots to help you seek out those pins with greater accuracy.

Haney said: “For many golfers that struggle with their short game around the greens, the Sure Out Wedge could be exactly what they are looking for. The design helps simplify troublesome greenside shots making scoring that much easier and allows you to simplify bunker shots by playing them with a square face.”

It does exactly that, popping the ball out very nicely indeed whether from a sand trap or from light or deeper rough. A good connection should lead to much more consistent performance around the green.

The club head features a hollow cavity, but you get a pretty nice sound and solid strike on the ball. It looks very neat at address too, with all 17 grooves covering the entire width of the clubface. The bottom two grooves are white and help you with alignment pre-shot.

The Callaway Sure Out wedge comes with two shaft options, a lightweight steel version or a graphite option depending on your preference. There are two lofts to choose from as well—a 58 degree or a 64 degree—so they should fit nicely in the gaps of your other wedges depending what is already in your bag.

The release of the Callaway Sure Out wedge follows on from the launch of the Mack Daddy Forged Wedges from the brand earlier in 2017; they have certainly come up with some game-changes to help improve your golf.

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