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COVID-19 Crisis: Indoor Alternatives for Golfers

The coronavirus is putting an end to a lot of everyday activities that most of us probably would take for granted, however there are options available for everyday golfers who still have that familiar itch they need to scratch during the COVID-19 crisis. Essential Golf has a list of ways to indulge in your golfer’s passion without breaking the bank or stepping out of the protection of your own home.

Indoor Putting Green

This is the first and most obvious choice when it comes to golf activities that you indulge in while indoors. There are plenty of options to choose from depending on what you want to get out of the indoor putting experience. There are no frills put-about options where it will have three holes places on a green mat.

Then there are straight putting options with measurements and speeds listed on the mat to help perfect your putting skills by the time you can make it to the real green outside. Amazon and other online stores have plenty of options to choose from, so find the one right for you and get to putting!

Virtual Reality Golf

This option only works if you have access to a virtual reality set, but these are quickly becoming a commonality in a lot of homes.  If you do have one of these sets there are plenty if VR golf options to explore. If you have the PSVR for Playstation then you will find a game like “Everybody’s Golf VR” to be enjoyable, although not as technically savvy as some of the other ones, this is a fun option that the avid golfer and the whole family can enjoy.

If you are looking for a realistic game without compromising your health during COVID-19 social distancing then The Golf Club VR may be up your alley. This is available on Steam so the Oculus Rift or any other VR headset may be compatible.

Golf Exercise Routines

If you aren’t able to go on the green, you want to keep your body in shape and sharpen up your skills for when it is time to go on the green then you will want to engage in some golf exercises. Getting your body moving is important if you find yourself in one spot all day. From push-ups to bar rotations, there are plenty of exercises to get your golfer game tight.

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