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The Importance of a Custom Club Fitting

The Importance of a Custom Club Fitting

Golf equipment manufacturers make billions of dollars each year by releasing new club models that promise to perform better than older versions. Although upgrading to hi-tech clubs may help your game to some level, getting a custom club fitting could be what you need most.

Every player has unique physical characteristics such as height, strength, weight, swing speed, being left or right-handed, and so on. A custom club fitting entails using advanced computerized equipment to capture a golfer’s important swing data, and then pairing that with their physical characteristics to design or modify golf clubs accordingly.

Reasons Why Golfers Should Get a Custom Club Fitting

Get clubs tailor-made for your swing

A custom club fitting exercise uses advanced software to establish comprehensive aspects of your swing profile. Once factors like your swing speed are identified, the fitter will then combine that data with your physical qualities like height and weight to design or modify clubs to match your attributes. Playing with clubs that have been fine-tuned to your physique and game is guaranteed to boost your performance.

Learn important details during the fitting

A beginner may view the game of golf as simply picking up a club and hitting the ball with the aim of getting a hole-in-one. However, a golfer needs to learn how club specifications affect ball flight and how customized adjustments to those specifications can improve one’s game. A fitting exercise will teach you aspects like shaft flex, club weight, shaft length, loft angle, and lie angle.

Improved distance control

Distance is a crucial part of golf, and factors like launch, spin, and ball speed generated at impact affect the distance your golf ball travels. A custom fitting helps by collecting relevant player data such as swing speed which then guides the fitter on the player’s ideal launch angle for each hole. Distance gapping then ensures efficiency across a full set, ensuring each club is optimized for maximum distance.

Proper lie angle

During a custom fitting session, a simple lie board test can easily help the fitting professional to identify any directional issues you may have with your irons and hybrids. They will then help you discover your proper lie angle, helping you hit your irons straighter and balls more accurately.

You can target a specific area of your game

Even novice golfers quickly discover that they are struggling with certain areas of their game more than others. If for instance putting seems to be your weakest link, you can get custom-fitted specifically for a putter and test how that improves your game. Once you are pleased with the results, you can get custom-fitted for a full set.