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Dustin Johnson Secures PGA Title in FedEx Cup Win

Dustin Johnson secures PGA title

Dustin Johnson secures his 2nd PGA Tour title after winning the first FedExcup play-off event with an amazing 11 shots.

Johnson’s presence in the PGA TOUR has always been one of dominance and success. With a slight fall from grace when he fell from the No. 1 spot, Johnson’s recent performances showcase why he’s a legend in golf.

Johnson comes out as runner up at BMW Championship

During the Northern Trust, Johnson’s excellent performance puts him alongside other top 70 players who are at the head of the game. The group advanced to the BMW Championship where Johnson came out as runner-up. John Rahm, who packed on the performance at the event, took up the 36-year-old. Johnson started off strong with a 43-foot birdie putt that slammed off the stick and dropped. However, Rahm quickly followed this up with an impressive effort.

“I mean, I was just laughing, kind of,” Johnson said. “I was kind of laughing at my putt (in regulation), too, because it was one of those where you, you’re not really thinking you’re going to make it. But I gave it a good roll, and obviously did make it. Yeah, he came right back and made one on top of me in the playoff.”

East Lake could make history in Johnson’s career

Next up we have the TOUR champion final at East Lake where the remaining 30 players will advance. Even though Dustin Johnson secures his PGA title for that event, he still has some work to do.

Dustin Johnson is positive that he is in the perfect shape, form, and condition to win his first FedExCup.

“A goal I have been working hard for is to be a FedExCup champion,” Johnson commented. “This is one thing that I will like to do but haven’t done yet.”

“Some weeks have been good, and I have been great, but this week is yet another week for me to go out there and do what I do, and hopefully keep to that number position because where I would love to be starting next week is No1.

“No.1 is just an added bonus anyway, but to win the FedExCup championship is going to need something quite extra, and that’s some serious golf play performance,” added Johnson before his BMW Championship game.  

“The golf there got at East Lake is a tough course, one got to drive it straight, and that’s got to be with some quality iron,” Johnson commented.

“Then again I got quite some mixed experience at tournaments in East Lake because I have played there a lot. I either play it really well, or I play it horribly. But it is a tough golf course.

It seems the more I play, the better my game turns out. With my game feeling as comfortable has it is right now, I am looking forward to FedEx Cup debut at East Lake and its amazing course that if you drive your game well, You can have some good score shots, and right now I am pretty driving it well.”

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