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Nicklaus endorses Donald Trump for president

Nicklaus endorses Donald Trump

Former golf star, Jack Nicklaus endorses Donald Trump and urged other American voters to reelect US President Donald Trump back into office during next week’s election.

Nicklaus, who happens to be an 18-times major winner, wrote on his Twitter handle, “Donald Trump’s love for America and its citizens, has made him always put the country first, which is something he proved during his first term.” 

Trump considered Nicklaus tweet has a “great honor.” The presidential candidate pinned that tweet on top of his Twitter profile.

Nicklaus also disclosed that he had the privilege of getting to know Donald Trump over his last few office years. He also said that he was quite disappointed regarding a lot of things the president had to put up with at a time. 

“But despite all the storms in his direction, he is resolved and determined to move the country forward and has delivered on his promises,” said Nicklaus.   

Jack Nicklaus, who clocked 80 this year, concluded his post by saying, “I strongly recommend Donald J. Trump for another four years in office and I’ve casted my vote for him!”

Nicklaus, who is labeled the Golden Bear, has claimed 18 major titles between the timeline of 1962 and 1986. He also bagged 73 PGA TOUR events during his carrier. Tiger Woods and Sam Snead are the only professional golfers with more PGA TOUR titles than Nicklaus, 82.   

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The 80-year-old golf legend has played golf with Trump in the past. In his statement, he said, “The president never finishes off many holes, but he does hit the iron well with some good shots, which he enjoys.”

Nicklaus also made it known that he and his wife had tested positive for coronavirus in March but were both “very fortunate” because he only experienced sore throat and cough, while his wife Barbara was completely asymptomatic to the virus. 

On the flip side, the NFL announced that 95% of his players are all registered to vote.

The NFL’s Players Association has launched NFL votes and initiatives, encouraging voters’ education alongside their registration and activation process. 

The NFL also added that several of its league’s teams had implored the use of their stadiums for “election-related activities.” Some of its stadiums were used as an early voting site, while some stadiums were Election Day polling sites. Although we know Jack Nicklaus endorses Donald Trump, we await to see who the next president of the United States will be.

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