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Top Tips for Finding the Best Caddy

Top Tips for Finding the Best Caddy

It’s challenging to succeed alone; you need a team, an assistant, a friend, a believer, whichever applies. Even the most prominent stars need people pulling the ropes here and there for everything to flow seamlessly. In golf, a caddy acts like your lifeline, not just for carrying your bag around but also for helping you make accurate shots and supporting you emotionally.

You could go as far as referring to a caddy as your midwife as a golfer; they help you deliver. A perfect one will already have taken time to study how you play and studied the course carefully to advise you on how to manoeuvre the entire round. But how do you find the ultimate caddy to help you scoop that trophy? Read on to discover some essential hacks.

Ten Vital Tips to Find the Best Caddy

Golf Expertise

You’ll be playing golf, a respected sport with its own rules. The first step when evaluating any potential caddy is how well they understand the sport and all its nuances. Do they understand the basic rules well enough to guide you through free-relief situations and appropriate drop scenarios? A good caddy should be well acquainted with golf to help you win.

Knowledge of Protocols

A suitable caddy should be a professional who understands what their job title entails. Some basic caddy protocols must be observed, such as keeping the clubs clean, knowing when to tend the flag, having the player’s ball in sight, and taking care of the course in real time.

Course Knowledge

Each course presents unique challenges. Your caddy needs to have a thorough knowledge of the course you’re playing to help you navigate through each hole with ease. A caddy who understands course specifics like yardages, green contours, and hole strategies will help you make better decisions. Most courses have certified caddies ready to assist.

Green-Reading Ability

Pursuing the lower scores you desire requires a caddy who has mastered the art of reading greens accurately to offer valuable putting advice. A skilled caddy automatically suggests which club to use for each shot and helps you with aspects like correct posture, proper stance, and ball-striking angle. Their green-reading ability hugely impacts your golfing success.

Work Ethic

A perfect caddy must have a strong work ethic, seeing that their role can either boost or sabotage a golfer’s gameplay. Please pay close attention to their punctuality, willingness to help with your equipment, and attentiveness throughout the round. Once you find a hardworking person who does the work without being babysat, retain them.