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Golfers with the Most Hole-In-Ones

Golfers with the Most Hole-In-Ones

A hole-in-one in golf is a rare occurrence but when it does happen, it is always a spectacular moment in any tournament. But, it is no mean achievement. The first hole-in-one to be recorded was by Tom Morris in the 1868 British Open, with the longest ever made by University of Denver real estate professor Mike Crean at 517 yards. To keep in mind just how special making a hole-in-one is, the odds of a tour player hitting one is 3,000 to 1, with those of an average player escalating to 12,000 to 1. We list some of the players who have managed to achieve the most hole-in-ones in their careers.

Top 10 Golfers Leading in Hole-In-Ones

Norman Manley

Anyone might expect a professional golfer to hold the mantle for the most recorded hole-in-ones, but the top spot goes to Norman Manley, an amateur golfer from California with 59. The electric designer recorded his first hole-in-one in September 1963 and relived the fortune in around 40 courses, finally recording his 59th hole-in-one in April 1988 at Indian Hills in Rubidoux, California.

Mancil Davis

Commonly referred to as the “King of Aces,” American golfer Mancil Davis has recorded 51 hole-in-ones, the most by any professional golfer. The athlete developed a passion for golf at a young age, recording his first hole-in-one aged 11 and his last in 2007. Davis has been a member of the PGA of America and served as director of golf in many clubs.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer is a legend in all things golf, and the star also managed 21 hole-in-ones during his highly-decorated career. Palmer’s hole-in-ones ranged from 122 to 245 yards, stretching across two countries and 11 different states. 

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has been making history on the course since birth, and it’s no surprise that he recorded his first hole-in-one at the tender age of six. Throughout his remarkable career, Woods attained a total of 20 hole-in-ones, with just three of those in the PGA TOUR. His last recorded hole-in-one was in 2018 at California’s Heartwell Golf Course.

Kathy Whitworth

As far as female golfers go, Kathy Whitworth stands tall in career accomplishments, having made history as the most successful female golfer ever recording a remarkable 88 LPGA Tour wins. Whitworth also had the luck and skill to enjoy 11 hole-in-ones during her playing days.

Kathy Whitworth - The Golfer Who Won Most Victories on a Single Professional Tour