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The Highest Paid Golfers in 2023 REVEALED

The Highest Paid Golfers in 2023 REVEALED

Every new year in golf, some new talent bursts into the scene while the old guard keeps getting richer and solidifying their spots in the books of golf history. 2023 has witnessed increased competitiveness in the sport, with LIV Golf’s bottomless coffers giving other tours a run for their money. Thankfully, competition is a healthy breeding ground for success, and even the PGA TOUR has increased its payouts significantly in the last year. Recently, LIV Golf announced an unexpected partnership with the PGA TOUR, which is bound to offer golfers even merrier paydays. But who makes it into the Forbes‘ list of the highest paid golfers of the year?

Top 10 Highest-Paid Golfers for 2023

Dustin Johnson – $111 Million

DJ leads the pack with $111 million. Out of this figure, the 38-year-old received $106m in on-course earnings and $5m in off-course income. The news comes as no shock considering that Johnson was one of the first famous golfers to defect to the money-stacked LIV Golf. Close sources reveal that he received a $125 million guarantee from the league with half paid upfront, and he also pocketed $18m after winning LIV’s inaugural championship.

Phil Mickelson – $107 Million

Lefty is one of the golfers who seem to withstand the test of time and even gets richer with age. At 52 years, Mickelson comfortably banked $107m within the last year, with $105m in on-course and $2m in off-course earnings. He is one of the biggest LIV Golf beneficiaries and a shrewd businessman with interests in real estate and co-founding For Wellness, a coffee supplement company.

Rory McIlroy – $80 Million

McIlroy proved his loyalty to the PGA TOUR even as his colleagues thirstily gave in to LIV Golf’s big-money temptation. Nonetheless, he is still laughing his way to the bank, having accrued $40m in on-course and $40m in off-course earnings in the last year to make $80m. Additionally, he owns stakes in the healthcare app LetsGetChecked, health tracking device Whoop, and TMRW Sports, a partnership with Tiger Woods.

Brooks Koepka – $77 Million

2023 has been a good year for Brooks Koepka. After narrowly losing the Masters trophy to Jon Rahm in April, he redeemed himself by bagging the PGA Championship in May, becoming LIV Golf’s first major winner. The last 12 months have seen Koepka net $71m in on-course and $6m in off-course earnings, bringing the total to $77m.

Cameron Smith – $76 Million

Australia’s top-ranked golfer Cam Smith is also a man of means, boasting $76 million in the last year – $70m in on-course and $6m in off-course earnings. The 29-year-old star reportedly received a $100 million guarantee from LIV Golf, with half paid upfront. Smith is also a brand ambassador for Titleist and Original Penguin.