Matthew Wolff Called the Rules Official Due to Beetle

Matthew Wolff called rules official

Matthew Wolff is confident in another victory

It was when Matthew Wolff called the rules official due to beetle interference during the 3M Open when things got really interesting. Matthew Wolff, the defending champion, is at two strokes off the lead since he posted a 6-under par round in Minnesota and is confident that he will close the gap as he hopes to claim another victory on the PGA TOUR.

Beetle interfered with ball placement

He made a birdie at the first hole and continued with another in the 2nd hole; Wolff splinted the fairway making use of his drive at the par-4 3rd, and made a 171-yard shot into the green. It was there that he spotted something under his ball.

It was a beetle that crawled under his ball and moved it “perhaps a dimple” length, which is enough to make a difference for Wolff. As far as the 21-year-old old was concerned this was enough reason for him to alert the rule official, and ultimately asking if the official could replace the ball.

Wolff had a microphone on during the first round of the 3M Open, which he used to alert the attention of the rule official. “There’s a beetle like under my ball, and it’s like moved it a little,” said Wolff.

 “I was literally over the ball like getting ready to hit it and then I was like ‘wait is that a rock?’ and so I went like this to try and move it and it just started crawling and went under the ball.” After Matthew Wolff called the rules official due to beetle movement, they arrived at the 3rd. Wolff explained his ball moved, but wasn’t sure of the exact amount that it did.

After Beetle-gate, Wolff went on to play a successful game

Wolff narrated his ordeal to the rules official and that he had marked his ball. He got the beetle out of the way and the ball to its original spot. Wolff continued his game and made a shot to the green and two-putt for par.

Wolff then competed in the second round in a tie for 3rd among another six players, which included Tony Finau, who is currently in good form.

We also have Richy Werenski, who shot a low round with an 8-under par score of 63, leading by one shot ahead of Micheal Thompson.

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