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How to stop chunking on the green

tips on how to stop chunking on the green

Have you ever wondered how to stop chunking on the green? We know how you feel! You just returned to the golf course, and your game is not what you expected it to be. Yeah, you’re a little rusty from the 6-month COVID-19 shutdown, however no need to fret with these tips on how to improve your game

Best tips for hitting the golf ball first every time

If you find yourself hitting the ground beneath the ball, rather than the ball itself it is because your club is most likely facing the open position. You have to understand the mechanisms of your body. Then consider how you flick your wrist, making sure you face the ball at impact. Doing this will most likely reduce the risk of you hitting the ground before the ball.

Another thing you will have to work on is your rotation, more specifically your back and forward movement. The drill is for you to work on small movements and also attempt to hit the ball straight when doing this make sure to keep the face square during impact.  Spend some time working on this motion probably 15 minutes and also attempt to make a few shots.

After working on your rotation and you now have a better feel of the ball, get a bit of lag and softness into the motion. To achieve the best result it is best to get a dog ball thrower from a local pet shop. Why? This is because the lend hand is extended and is one of the most powerful to throw a ball. This will add enough speed and power to your motion. All you have to do now is make small swing tossing the dog ball thrower into the practice net.

Key Takeaways to stop chunking on the green

Start by taking your left hand off the golf club while you grip down with one hand. Then try swinging the club one-handed. While doing this, make sure to hold the club lightly when you swing back and forth. The essence of this is to create an excellent clip into the air. This makes sure no mark is left on the ground.   

You will notice that when you chip one-handed, the butt of the club won’t move at all.  The handle should be steady; meanwhile, there will be a lot of movement on the clubhead. Most players often get this wrong and tend to move the handle instead of the clubhead.

Move the clubhead more and the handle less

You have to make sure you get your clubhead moving more, and the handle moving less. This might not be easy at first, especially if you’re used to doing the opposite. However, if you want to stop chunking on the green, then you will have to unlearn old habits.

When you’ve gotten hold of your club movement, now hold the club with your left hand but very lightly. The aim of this is for the clubhead to swing freely across the green. This makes sure the golf bounce bruises the ground and nothing more. That will ensure the ball clip neatly off the ground, without leaving any mark.

Continue with this pace, ensuring you aren’t static so that the flow continues through the chest and the legs naturally.

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