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Patrick Reed Cheating Scandal: Koepka Comments

Patrick Reed cheating scandal returns as a topic

Patrick Reed cheating at the Hero World Challenge has been a topic of discussion since sand-gate happened a few months ago. Brooks Koepka is the latest golf player to put his two cents in the incidents by stating, “I don’t know what he was doing building sandcastles in the sand, but you know where your club is.”

The infamous sand incident

The sandy conundrum happened when Reed  was caught displacing sand in a bunker during a practice swing at Albany Golf received a two-shot penalty after he violated rules in the third round. He then improved his lie by going to a sand trap and flicked sand behind his ball. Reed then flung sand from behind his golf ball twice during practice swings.

Subsequently, the social media and pro golf world were set on fire with heated discussions about whether or not Reed cheated, and now Brooks Koepka isn’t being quiet about the fact that he thought some dishonesty was afoot during the Hero World Challenge.

Koepka wonders if Reed was “building sandcastles in the sand”

In an interview with Sirius/XMI radio interview, Koepka was asked if he thought Reed cheated and he responded, “Uh yeah, I think yeah yeah,” he retorted. “I don’t know what he was doing, building sandcastles in the sand, but you know where your club is.”

“I mean I took three months off and I can promise you I know if I touched the sand. It’s one of those things where you know if you look at the video obviously he grazes the sand twice and then he still chops down on it.”

He added, “I guess the Astros are going through that right now. Jim Crane said it when got asked, ‘Is it cheating?’ And he said, ‘No we just broke the rules.’ If you play the game, you understand the rules. You understand integrity that goes on. I mean there’s no room for it.”

Patrick Reed cheating has been a topic of discussion for a while

The controversial event was the talk around the water cooler for a while with the Patrick Reed cheating scandal even leading to the pro golf player to seek out a lawsuit against Brandel Chamblee of the Golf Channel because of the sports analyst’s strong opinion about the Patrick Reed cheating incident.

Even though Reed ultimately agreed about the infraction after taking a look at the footage, he maintains that it wasn’t purposeful. Although after revisiting the 2015 Hero World Challenge it was discovered that Reed had done the same thing in the past event.

So, what is the conclusion of sand-gate? We don’t exactly know but we are sure this is going to cause the rules to be more heavily analyzed in the future.

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