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RELAX Far-Infrared Therapy – The Ultimate Solution to Warm Up and Recovery

RELAX Far-Infrared Therapy - The Ultimate Solution to Golf Injuries

Golf is a low-impact sport and is considered fairly safe, but this doesn’t equate to being injury-proof. Sports injury research and statistics reveal that golf has a higher injury rate than team sports like rugby and hockey, which are generally considered high-risk sports. According to estimates, as many as 40% of amateur and 60% of professional golfers sustain injuries each season. The type of injuries most common among golfers include back injuries, rotator cuff injuries, sprains, inflammation, foot and ankle injuries, wrist tendinitis, elbow tendonitis, knee pain, and neck and shoulder injuries.

While repeated motions and movements are commonly cited as the primary reason for this high rate of injury in golf, health experts believe that the lack of off-course training and proper warm-up also have a major role to play. Most golfers do not warm up properly, and many do not do it at all, which puts them at a higher risk of injury than those who do.

Regardless of what caused them, injuries can be tough on golfers, interfere with their game, and negatively affect their performance. Far-Infrared Therapy offers a viable solution to this.

Prevent and Treat Golf Injuries with Far-Infrared Therapy

It’s common knowledge that recovery is as important (if not more) for athletes as training or the game itself. Traditionally, athletes used warm baths, saunas, and ice to soothe their sore muscles and relax their stressed, stiffened bodies. But these old-school methods have now been replaced by advanced recovery techniques like far-infrared therapy.

While several advanced techniques are available today, far-infrared therapy is different from others because it doesn’t just improve the recovery process but can also help prevent injuries in the first place.

Compact / Lightweight / Travel-Friendly Design

What are the Benefits of Far-Infrared Therapy for Golfers?

Far-Infrared or FIR therapy promises to offer a myriad of benefits. Here are some that are most related to golfers:

  • Improved blood flow
  • Pain relief
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Muscle recovery
  • Better sleep
  • Improved range of motions

A far-infrared therapy session before and after a workout session or golf game can help loosen up stiff muscles and improve blood flow that, which boosts warm-up and recovery, improve performance and give players a competitive edge over others. A post-game therapy session also provides immediate relief from tissue inflammation, pain, and overall fatigue, along with helping to remove metabolic waste from the body.

DIY FIR Therapy with Relax Far-Infrared Saunas

No longer need to go to a specialist for a far-infrared therapy session. With Relax Far-Infrared Saunas, you can now do professional-level FIR therapy at home, whenever and wherever you want. It’s lightweight and portable, weighing just 26 lbs. and comes with a collapsible chair and a travel bag.

This allows professional golfers to carry it on all their trips and benefit from incredible FIR therapy benefits before and after every practice session and round of golf.

We also offer a far-infrared lie-down sauna for those wanting to take their relaxing sauna sessions a step ahead. Similar to the other variety, it’s also collapsible, lightweight, and portable.

Our FIR saunas are specially designed to self-sanitize and thus, are easy to maintain. A quick five to ten minutes FIR session using our advanced saunas will leave you feeling fresh, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

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Whether you’re looking for ways to boost your warm-up before a golf practice session or an actual game, improve your performance on the course, reduce the risk of injury, or want tips for speeding up post-game recovery, Relax Far-Infrared Saunas can help. Visit our website to learn more about this wonderful golfing accessory and to place an order.