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Rule Changes That Come Into Effect for 2022

Rule Changes That Come in Effect for 2022

Entering a new calendar year means that some of the rule changes announced through the USGA and R&A before the end of 2021 will now come into effect. These rule changes will affect players’ performances when they use the longer and shorter clubs within their bags. But what exactly are these changes?

Driver Length Reduced

Last October, the USGA and the R&A declared that in 2022 the length of drivers will be capped at a length of 46 inches. Some of the most renowned golfers are known for using drivers that have gone beyond the 46-inch mark. PGA Championship winner, Phil Mickelson used a 47.9-inch driver as he stormed to victory in that tournament back in May, while Bryson DeChambeau had a 48-inch driver in his armoury during his match against Brooks Koepka, but from now on will only be allowed to that specific driver in his log-drive events.

This rule only comes into effect for professional golfers so you will not need to stress about your driver lengths on the golf course anytime soon.

The End of Green-Reading Books?

Another rule implemented will see greens-reading books completely revamped. Players as well as caddies will be enforced to use “committee-approved” yardage books which contain general information about the green.

A memo sent to all the PGA TOUR players and caddies state that these new books “will be very similar to a traditional yardage book and, with respect to greens details, will have only general information on slopes and other features.”

Notes can be added within these books, however they must be notes from first-hand observation of the green or notes during a telecast. Tools and devices will not be allowed to be used to measure any contours or slopes the green features.

“The purpose of this local rule is to return to a position where players and caddies use only their skill, judgment and feel along with any information gained through experience, preparation, and practice to read the line of play on the putting green,” stated a memo the sent to PGA TOUR players.

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