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The Best Golf Bags to Take Onto the Course This Autumn

The Best Golf Bags to Take onto the Course This Autumn

Golf bags have a number of qualities which you should always look out for when making a decision on purchasing. Whether it is water-resistant, spacious, or heavy, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration, otherwise you might find your bag being more of a burden than an asset.

As the warm summer comes to an end and the cooler and windier season of autumn nearly upon us, it is essential that you provide yourself with a golf bag that can handle the challenges that come with the autumn weather. It will need to be sturdy and be made for all weather so it can thrive in the warm and sunny conditions but also pull through during the cooler, wetter and windier conditions.

There may be certain brands or colours you sway towards but nevertheless, we have gathered a selection of golf bags that you should bring with you to the golf course and do the job well.


A brand-new golf bag released this year, the Players 4 Stand Bag in its stunning black/camo design, comes with a lightweight, construction made of premium material, a high-quality, strong double strap and the finest sturdy aluminium legs with advanced hinged bottom for excellent stability on any terrain. The bag also features useful features such as an external water bottle pocket which allows for easy access to water when playing, allowing you to stay hydrated, and other pockets ideal for your phone or any other small items that may get damaged. Weighing in at only 1.72kgs, even when fully loaded with clubs the weight of the bag will never feel too overwhelming.