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The New TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Wedges

The New TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Wedges

TaylorMade has traditionally stood out as the ultimate wood manufacturer, with golfers turning to companies such as Titleist, Callaway, and Cleveland for their wedge needs. However, this narrative is shifting fast, with the company shaking up the wedge market with every new release.

The Milled Grind 3 (MG3) wedges by TaylorMade hit the market hard, especially with their exceptional spin. As if that was not enough, the company returned to the drawing board and gave us the high-performance Hi-Toe 3 Wedges that offer versatility, playability, and forgiveness.

The Hi-Toe 3 Wedges line promises to “Swiss-Armify” your game, allowing you to pull off any shot you can imagine in your short game. True to the claim, these wedges are sharp and precise through impact, cutting through the turf solidly and smoothly when center-struck.

Unique Features of The Hi-Toe 3 Wedges

Raised Micro-Ribs

The Hi-Toe 3 wedges improve performance and increase spin on partial shots around the green by using milled ribs set between the full grooves to add texture to the face. Additionally, highly engineered radii on the larger ZTP RAW Grooves produce optimal spin in various conditions.

Aged Copper Color

Unlike most traditional wedges with busy graphics and flashy colors, the Hi-Toe 3 wedges come with a classic aged copper finish. Even when these clubs are new, their look will give you a sense of familiarity. The sleek look eliminates glare, effectively giving you a performance gain. The aged copper look also blends nicely with the RAW face as it rusts over time.

Full-Length Scoring Lines

Wedges 54 degrees and higher in the Hi-Toe 3 line feature full-length scoring lines that generate spin around the green, especially when you rotate the face open on shorter shots.

Higher CG for Lower Launch

Compared to TaylorMade’s MG3 wedge, the Hi-Toe 3 features a taller toe area for better launch and spin. The toe area also bears an added weight pad that effectively moves the center of gravity towards the face’s middle, bringing about an optimized launch and spin with a premium feel.

RAW Face Technology

RAW Face Technology on the Hi-Toe 3 wedges is a game-changer Tour professionals widely prefer. The face rusts over time, providing a time-honored look and preserving spin properties. With the RAW Face technology on these wedges, golfers will enjoy deeper, narrower, and sharper grooves in the face, producing increased spin and feel and laser-etched precision.

Milled Grind

TaylorMade employs Milled Grind properties on the Hi-Toe 3 wedges, manufacturing them from soft 8620 carbon steel that ensures precision at all times. The strict milling process sees each sole crafted for repeatable turf interaction and performance, maximizing consistency and obtaining exceptional tolerance levels.

Bounce Options

The 58 and 60-degree wedges in the Hi-Toe 3 line come with standard, low, and high bounce options. Each option optimizes bounce application and turf interaction for certain playing conditions and swing types.