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Golf Tips for Kids: Raising Future Pros

Golf Tips for Kids: Raising Future Pros

Show a child the way they should go, and they shall never depart from it. Although everyone has their path or calling in life, parents and guardians have so much power in shaping character and career paths for their kids. If a child grows up in an active golf environment, chances are high that they’ll develop a passion for the sport and possibly make history as a professional golfer like plenty of current players. You might have missed the bus in your dream of becoming a master swinger, but read on to discover how to prepare your child to become a future pro.

Smart Tips for Raising Golf-Loving Children

Start With the Basics

Your child’s first encounter with golf should teach them the fundamental techniques and rules of the sport. Teach them basic swing mechanics, the proper posture and stance, and the correct cover grip. Young golfers should also learn safety rules on the course and proper golf etiquette early on in their journey to instill principles of good sportsmanship.

Expose Them to Golf Culture

What you watch, read, and listen to strongly influences your behavior and life choices. If you desire your young champion to develop a passion for golf, have them join you as you watch golf highlights and events on TV. You can also tag them along when attending live tournaments so that they can witness pro golfers in action. 

Buy Them Age-appropriate Equipment

Once your child has taken a liking to the sport, it’s time to bless them with the tools of the trade – a starter set of junior golf clubs. This step will feel like an induction into the winner’s circle and motivate them greatly. Please don’t fall into the temptation of sawing down your old golf clubs for them to use because such clubs will be stiff and hard to hit for kids. Shop for a cheap, basic set of junior golf clubs and fire up your child’s golf passion.

Create a Home Golfing Environment

Although golf courses provide the best facilities for training, you can create a favorable golf environment at home and get your kids to love the sport. An indoor putting green, for instance, is a low-cost investment that you can share with your children and have so much fun as you also improve your putts. If you have ample space in your compound, you can practice hitting golf balls in the backyard or set up a practice area in the garage.

Make it Fun

All kids love fun – that’s a universal truth! You must be creative when getting your young ones to love golf by ensuring they have as much fun as possible. A great idea would be to keep the atmosphere light and throw some random challenges and fun games between training that will whip up their interest.