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USGA Names 2019 Joe Dey Award Recipient

USGA Names 2019 Joe Dey Award Recipient. Image courtesy USGA.
USGA Names 2019 Joe Dey Award Recipient. Image courtesy USGA.

The USGA has named Tom Dudley as the recipient of the 2019 Joe Dey Award.

A prestigious accolade, the USGA has presented the Joe Dey Award since 1996. Every year, it recognizes an individual’s service to the game of golf as a volunteer.

It is named after Joseph C. Dey Jr., who was the USGA’s executive director from 1934-1969 and a World Golf Hall of Fame member from 1975.

Meritorious service

Tom Dudley, a native of Columbus, Ga., has volunteered in over 100 USGA championships—including 26 U.S. Opens—as a Rules official in the last three decades.

He is set to receive the 2019 Joe Dey Award at the USGA’s Annual Meeting and Service Awards Dinner in San Antonio, Texas, on 23 february 2019.

Mike Davis, CEO of the USGA, said: “Tom’s selfless commitment to golf and the timeless values of sportsmanship are the embodiment of what the Joe Dey Award stands for.

A “longstanding friend” to golfers

“He has been a longstanding friend of golfers everywhere, and we are proud to recognize the countless hours of service and the many ways in which he has given back to the gold community through his passion for the game,” Davis added.

The 2019 Joe Dey Award recipient has also served as a referee for high-profile players including Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott and Rory McIlroy.

“I have been honoured to meet so many incredible people—like Joe Dey, P.J. Boatwright and others—and it is the camaraderie in golf that I’ve loved the most,” Tom Dudley said.

“The game has given me the great opportunity to visit some of the most incredible places in the country.

Golf: a game of integrity and honesty

“It has taught me that golf is a game of integrity and honesty and playing by the Rules can show a person’s true character as it is the only game where you call penalties on yourself.

“By knowing the Rules and ensuring that the game is played by the Rules has played an important role in my love for the game,” he added.

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