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Walton Heath Golf Club Vandalized by Cyclists

Walton Heath Golf Club vandalized

While courses should be seemingly untouched in parts of the country due to COVID-19 social distancing, the famed Walton Heath Golf Club in the U.K. was vandalized on Sunday when cyclists drove onto the course.  The grips on the dirt bike did massage damage to the course, which could total up to a lot of money in damages.

A video of the vandalism taken by an eyewitness was turned over to the Surrey Police Department who are investigating the heinous act.

The Walton Health Golf Club is a historic and notable venue for professional golf, as it hosts the qualifying tournament for the U.S. Open sectional in England.  

In the eyewitness video you say multiple motorized bikes popping wheelies and driving recklessly, as a baby cries in the background due to the commotion. The Walton Heath Golf Club tweeted from their account, “Unfortunately, as you may have seen, Sunday at around 18.45, we were subjected to vandalism by motorcyclists on the course. This has been taken to the police who are investigating but if anyone has any info, please contact the club or @SurreyPolice. We thank you for your support.”

Sam Smitherman, a club assistant pro, tweeted out his disappointment in the situation, as well as more images of the aftermath and incident. “Unfortunately we were subject to some vandalism on Sunday. Words fail me sometimes. Skidding motocross bikes over greens causing huge damage at a time where they shouldn’t even be out. If you know who they might be please get in touch with @SurreyPolice or @waltonheath_gc.”

Courses and other recreational venues are mostly shut down as the stay-at-home order in the UK continues to press on. Because of this, places that wouldn’t normally be susceptible to vandalism are compromised due to the lack of security and live presences. Hopefully this doesn’t become a trend while golf courses all over the world continue to be vacant.