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Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

Top 5 golf balls for high handicappers

Bridgestone e12 CONTACT Golf Ball

What makes the Bridgestone e12 CONTACT golf ball so appealing to high handicappers is its extraordinary sidespin-reducing qualities that aid golfers in reducing slices and hooks. The ball has a compression rating of around 61, which works well with swing speeds less than 105 mph. The e12 CONTACT also boasts the Contact Force Dimple pattern designed for more contact on impact, resulting in better energy transfer and improved core activation. This golf ball offers you better spin and control.

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Ball

TaylorMade further cements its legacy of quality products with the Distance+ golf ball that produces fast ball speeds and offers a low spin on long shots. With a moderate compression rating of 77, the Distance+ is ideal for mid-swing speed golfers. The ball has a tough ionomer cover with a suitable dimple pattern of 342 aerodynamic dimples designed to reduce drag.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

Most high handicappers adore the Callaway Supersoft golf ball due to its low compression rating of around 38, which empowers slower swingers to generate high ball speeds. With a PARALOID Impact Modifier hybrid cover, the Supersoft is fast and durable and will help you maintain excellent spin control on the course.

Titleist Velocity 2022 Golf Ball

The Titleist Velocity golf ball entails a two-piece construction available in four colors to suit all tastes: white, pink, green, and orange. For high handicappers looking to improve distance, the Velocity is an ideal choice that has a comfy, firm feel and provides good value for money. Titleist introduced a new octahedral pattern with 350 dimples on this ball to ensure high consistent flight.

TaylorMade Soft Response 2022 Golf Ball

The TaylorMade Soft Response 2022 has a low compression rating of 50, which makes it suitable for mid and slow-swing speed golfers. With this unique golf ball, you’ll enjoy a superb feel off the putter face and increased carry distance. The Soft Response spins less on long shots and is also cost-friendly.

Parting Shot

Being a high handicapper doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the best game on the course and produce accurate, long-distance shots. You need to choose your gear well; one crucial choice is your golf ball. Evaluate the above-listed factors when choosing a golf ball carefully to know the exact kind of ball you need. The five golf balls highlighted above are some of the best performers with high handicappers.