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Best Golf Club Sets for Junior Golfers

Best Golf Club Sets for Junior Golfers

The most appealing aspect of golf is the agelessness; you can play from when you are five till you hit 90! It’s one of the few hobbies you can keep all your life, giving you some fun activities to always look forward to. Introducing your kids to golf is, therefore, one of the best gifts you can give them, and they will also get to learn important values like discipline, consistency, and hard work. Nonetheless, sawing down your old clubs is no longer an option, as such clubs will be heavier and stiffer than your child can bear, making them lose interest in the sport. Read on to discover some of the best golf club sets customized for junior golfers.

Factors To Consider When Buying Golf Clubs for Juniors

Age & Size

When selecting an ideal club set, your child’s age, weight, and height matter immensely. For a kid to enjoy golf, they need to play with a club length matching their height and a set matching their skill level.

Number of Clubs in the Set

Although you may envision your son as the next top golfer, they don’t necessarily need an entire 14-club set for starters. On average, a junior set with 4-10 clubs will suffice for young golfers.

Putter & Shaft Type

When buying junior golf clubs, a set with a mallet or high MOI style putter may be ideal for younger kids as it’s more consistent, easier to hit, and extremely forgiving. Junior clubs should also have much lighter graphite shafts to make them easier to hit.

Price & Accessories

Price always matters, but luckily, most beginner and intermediate junior club sets are pocket-friendly, going for around $100-$150. Also, consider accessories like a high-quality, lightweight bag and additional ones like headcovers for club protection.

Top Ten Junior Golf Club Sets in 2023

Inesis Kid’s Golf Kit 2-4 Years

The earlier your child starts golf, the better. The Inesis Kid’s Golf Kit is designed for kids aged two to four, offering an exciting starter dose of the sport. The set has two clubs – a 9-iron and putter, featuring excellently weighted graphite shafts. Your kids will enjoy the bright and playful color scheme and the tacky grips ideal for small hands.

Confidence Golf Junior Clubs

If you are raising a young champion aged 4-7 years (or up to 4’6 tall), Confidence Golf has an incredible junior set for this category. The set has a catchy blue, white, and black theme, including a 15-degree driver, unique mallet putter style, and 7 & 9 irons cavity back design. 

Ram Golf Junior G-Force Junior Golf Clubs

The Ram G-Force junior golf clubs come in two categories: the 7-9 year set for kids 3’8″ to 4’5″ tall and the 10-12 year set for children 4’6″ to 5’3″ tall. Each set has six clubs: a 56-degree S wedge, 7 & 9 irons, a 21-degree hybrid, a 14-degree driver, and a G-Force blade putter.

Wilson Juniors SGI Complete Golf Set

Wilson always delivers in its clubs, and the 10-club SGI junior set is a perfect fit for kids aged 11-15. Your young champion will enjoy a blade-style putter, two fairway woods, a 10.5-degree driver, and five irons, including a sand wedge and a pitching wedge.