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Best Players in the World Golf Hall of Fame

Best Players in the World Golf Hall of Fame

Kathy Whitworth

Towards the end of 2022, the golf community lost one of its finest talents in Kathy Whitworth – labeled as the winningest golfer ever for the most wins in a single professional tour. To achieve this record, Whitworth achieved 88 wins on the LPGA Tour. She became a Hall of Famer in 1975 and was also the first woman to clock $1 million in career earnings in 1981.

Kathy Whitworth - The Golfer Who Won Most Victories on a Single Professional Tour

Greg Norman

Australian golf legend Greg Norman possesses one of the most impressive records in the sport’s history, having spent 331 weeks as world number one. Norman became a Hall of Famer in 2001 and has 88 professional wins, including two majors and 20 PGA TOUR wins. 

greg norman

Ernie Els 

South African golf star Ernie Els is one of the finest the continent has ever produced, and to celebrate his achievements, he became a Hall of Famer in 2011. The Big Easy has 74 professional wins, among them two US Open titles and two Open Championship trophies.

Mickey Wright

Upon joining the LPGA Tour in 1955, Mickey Wright quickly became a force to reckon with, winning 82 LPGA Tour events, among them 13 major championships. The star joined the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1964 for her exemplary contributions to golf.

By Unknown author (Associated Press) – [1], Public Domain,

Vijay Singh

The Big Fijian Vijay Singh is one of the most impactful golfers ever, being the first South Asian to win a major championship. Singh secured 65 professional wins, among them 34 PGA Tour events and three major championships – one Masters and two PGA Championships. Vijay became a Hall of Famer in 2006.

Vijay Singh and Son Qass Secure 2022 PNC Championship

Final Thoughts

If you plan on doing something, do it with all your heart, and you might become the best to do it, ending up in the Hall of Fame. The above stars fought a good fight in golf and ended up as champions, and now we can look up to them for inspiration and emulate their achievements. We can’t wait to see the next batch of golfers inducted into the honorary World Golf Hall of Fame.