Experience the Breathtaking Golf Course Resorts in Curaçao

A golf game is often as good as its course, and the southern Caribbean island of Curaçao has not one, but two breathtaking golf course resorts that exceed expectations.

Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort encourages indulgence on and off the course. Its golf course, Old Quarry, is open to all and provides an experience unlike any other. Moreover, with views of the Caribbean Sea, Spanish Water, and a backdrop of Tafelberg Mountain, it comes as no surprise that this course has been named the #1 Caribbean golf course for the second consecutive year by USA Today. Its 18 holes are carefully crafted by award winning golf course designer, Pete Dye. Infamous in the name of golf, Dye has culminated several awards for his transformative designs and influence on modern golf architecture.

Adjacent to the course sits the resort, a tranquil beauty overflowing with amenities. Guests can enjoy an array of golf packages that include luxurious suites, complimentary guided hikes, bike tours, yoga, Pilates and botanical walks.

On the Western side of the Island with an ocean front location sits Blue Bay Golf and Beach Resort. Designed by international golf course designer, William “Rocky” Rocquemore, this 18-hole course challenges players of all skill levels and utilizes the island’s natural elements as part of the experience. Height differences, rocks, sand, and sea all integral to each hole. This proves especially evident at the fifth hole, a daring shot across the blue sea.

When not hitting the links, guests of Blue Bay enjoy the unique garden vacation rentals. These vacation bungalows provide a sense of serenity, as guests are seated in the middle of a beautiful tropical garden with views of the pool, garden, and golf course.

The island is even equipped with a private golf club. Curaçao Golf & Squash Club, not far from the island’s capital is equipped with an 18-hole course consisting of 10 greens, 2 squash courts and a diverse selection of exciting golf events each month.

Each golf course and resort has done a beautiful job harnessing the island’s natural wonders to provide an experience, that can only be found on the special island of Curaçao.

Feel it for yourself.

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