Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder Review

Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder Review image courtesy Bushnell

Bushnell have launched the Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder, perhaps one of the most advanced distance measuring devices available anywhere on the market.

The industry leaders in golf for laser measuring devices, Bushnell have broken new ground with the most technologically advanced product, and it is little surprise that they promote it as ‘The World’s Ultimate Golf Laser Rangefinder’ with American Rickie Fowler a brand ambassador.

The technologies used in the Bushnell Pro X2 allow it to be switched between the ultimate and all-encompassing rangefinder that it is, to a product that conforms to USGA standards if needed by turning off the features that are not permitted under competition rules.

Bushnell has pushed the boundaries by including the patented Slope-Switch Technology, the Pinseeker with JOLT Technology and Slope compensation. If you are already using a rangefinder…this one will knock spots off it.

It isn’t cheap, so if you are on a budget or using the less expensive GPS watches or handheld DMDs, then the Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder might not be for you. But if you are wanting extreme accuracy when it comes to distances out on the course, then the latest Bushnell product is more than worthwhile to explore.

Bushnell promise that the Pro X2 is accurate to half a yard (it is capable of reading a distance to the flag up to 450 yards and 1300 yards in total without a target—if you can hit it that far!). You should never have the wrong club in your hand again.

The Pinseeker with JOLT works by giving you a short vibration when the laser has locked in on the flag, ensuring you know at the exact point at which the Pro X2 has settled on the distance. You will never need to query if the rangefinder is reading from the correct target, because you will feel the vibrating jolt to confirm. You will also get the distance read five times faster than in previous models.

The Slope-Switch technology of the Pro X2 ensures you get an accurate distance with the slope of the hole—whether that is an incline or decline—taken into consideration. The rangefinder calculates and adjusts the yardage based on the degree of slope you’re about to experience and helps you make the right club choice. It is this feature which can be turned off to ensure the device conforms to USGA standards.

The rangefinder also comes with exclusive Dual Display Technology (DDT), only used on the Pro X2. It allows you to alternate between a bridge red color on the display or black depending on personal preference or to suit the light conditions you are playing in.

It is durable too, with rubber armory to guard against damage when dropped. It also comes fully waterproof thanks to metal housing—it is therefore usable in all conditions out on the course.

Bushnell only released the Tour V4 Shift and Pro X7 models in 2016, but have wasted no time in taking rangefinders to the next level. The Pro X2 certainly does that and should be considered as an option for golfers wanting to have the most accurate information at hand on the course.

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