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Celebrities Who Own Private Golf Courses

Celebrities Who Earn Private Golf Courses

Celebrities are known for their larger-than-life attitudes, with a good majority of them boasting deep pockets that enable them to pursue their wildest desires. We have seen musicians, athletes, actors, and other popular figures who go out and buy islands, private jets, lavish cars, and anything they set their sights on. For celebrities who enjoy teeing it off, some have felt that an exclusive golf club membership wasn’t enough and went ahead and built their private golf courses. Below, we list ten celebrities who have the luxury of hitting the green on self-owned courses.

Ten Celebrities Who Own Golf Courses

Justin Timberlake – Mirimichi Golf Course, Tennessee

Singer Justin Timberlake is known for his staunch love and support for golf, having been introduced to the sport by his stepdad at age 12. The chart-topping musician held steadfast to his golf obsession, gaining memberships in the Lakeside Golf Club in Los Angeles and Liberty National in New Jersey. In 2009, Timberlake purchased the Mirimichi Golf Course, renovating it into an eco-friendly golfing paradise with challenging holes and a beautiful layout.

Michael Jordan – Grove XXIII, Florida

Michael Jordan is one of the most prominent figures in sports, and his passion extends from the basketball court to the fairways. Jordan took his love for golf a notch higher by building the invite-only Grove XXIII course and clubhouse in Hobe Sound, Florida, in 2019. The member list includes top celebrities and professional athletes personally invited by the legendary NBA star, with access to amenities such as an 18-hole course, a practice range, a learning facility, and a main clubhouse.

Mark Wahlberg – Beverly Park, California

Mark Wahlberg is a familiar screen on our TV screens, and when he is not busy shooting the next movie, he unwinds by teeing it off in his backyard. The actor owns a sprawling 30,000-square-foot mansion in Beverly Park, California that he renovated to include a new golf course. The golf practice complex features sand dunes, rolling hills, several large bunkers, an expansive green, and a chipping mat Wahlberg easily accesses from the balcony.

Tiger Woods – The Woods Jupiter, Florida

A golfer of Tiger’s stature must naturally own a private course. Tiger is behind the exclusive Tom Fazio-designed The Woods Jupiter in Florida, which is quite popular among amateur and professional golfers. The course boasts a challenging yet picturesque layout, and with Woods in charge of the course’s design, maintenance, and accessibility, you can expect the best golfing experience.

Clint Eastwood – Tehàma Golf Club, California

If you have visited Carmel-by-the-Sea in California, you might have come across the exclusive Tehàma Golf Club, owned by legendary American actor and film director Clint Eastwood. Eastwood is an avid golf lover and owns shares in Pebble Beach Golf Links, with both standing out for their invitation-only membership.