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Chipping Out of the Rough

Chipping Out of the Rough
Chipping Out of the Rough

Welcome to the tutorials for Essential Golf. Professional golfers Erika Larkin and Michael Jacobs share some excellent chipping advice with you. Any level of golfer will benefit from these pointers.

Chipping out of the rough

Chipping out of the rough is not an easy shot, but learning this skill is the easiest way to lower your handicap and achieve lower scores. Golfers tend to have a difficulty reading their lie and adjusting accordingly.

If the ball is sitting up high in the rough, you want to have more of a shallow swing and approach. Keep the swing low to the ground so you can pick the ball cleanly.

On the other hand, if the ball is down in the rough you need loft and a little angle to get the club into the grass and on the ball cleanly.

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