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Cobra F-MAX Superlite Series Launched

Cobra has launched a new set of golf clubs known as the F-MAX Superlite Series featuring drivers, woods and irons, as they target game improvement for players with average or slow swing speeds.

Cobra promises that the F-MAX series is the “lightest, most forgiving family of clubs” which “are engineered specifically for moderate swing speeds,” with the Superlite series being targeted at a more average level of golfer rather than the elite or lower-handicap players.

Lighter, faster and longer is the slogan behind the new range, which features the Cobra F-MAX Superlite Driver, the F-MAX Superlite Fairway Woods, the F-MAX Superlite Hybrids and the F-MAX Superlite irons.

The entire range gets its name because all of the clubs have been produced with a very lightweight, which allows golfers to extract more from their swings to create added distance on every club in the bag.

Cobra F-MAX Superlite Driver

Cobra has come up with their lightest ever driver in the Cobra F-MAX Superlite driver, which tips the scales at just 287 grams thanks to savings made in the weight of the clubhead, the shaft and the grip which all combined give an 18g total reduction.

Available in both Offset and Straight Neck hosel options, the F-MAX driver has a titanium face insert with E9 technology to help extract maximum ball speed from even the slowest of swings. The weighting system has been moved to closer to the heel and is both low and back in the clubhead to help increase launch angle too and provide added forgiveness on off-centre strikes.

“We are very excited about this driver; we’ve been able to engineer an incredibly forgiving, powerful club and keep the overall club head weight to less than 300 grams,” said Tom Olsavsky, Vice President of R&D for COBRA Golf. “The F-MAX Superlite Driver will be the perfect solution for players who need the added speed of lightweight design without sacrificing forgiveness; those that will benefit from having a club that allows them to maximise their swing speed and launch angle.”

Cobra F-MAX Superlite Woods and Hybrids

Cobra has rolled out the same weight savings in the woods and hybrids that have been made to the driver, making them the lightest options yet and designed to maximize ball speed, distance and produce the perfect trajectory on shots wherever they are used around the course.

The one key difference between the driver and the fairway woods is that the latter features a stainless steel face. The hybrid, which also has a stainless steel face insert, comes with a much shallower face profile to take the CG (Centre of Gravity) even closer to the ground.

Cobra F-MAX Superlite Irons

The Cobra F-MAX irons are now Superlite thanks to an overall weight saving of 16 grams made from the clubhead, shaft and grip. The result, Cobra says, is the “lightest, fastest and easiest to hit irons” they have ever produced with improvements in feel, speed and consistency.

The progressive hosel design allows the CG to be strategically placed in each iron. The hosels in wedges have been made longer as part of the design. Forgiveness is aided by the weight being positioned around the heel and toe to help produce straighter shots, particularly on off-center strikes.

The F-MAX Superlites can be purchased individually or as a complete combo set.

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