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Essential Golf Etiquette on The Course

Essential Golf Etiquette on The Course

Although golf might seem as simply swinging a club and sinking the ball into the hole, there’s more to it especially regarding how you treat others on the course. This is known as golf etiquette, and no matter how good a golfer you are, failure to master the basic principles of expected on-course behavior can land you in trouble. Golf etiquette is not to be confused with the official rules of the game, but it’s crucial to master the tips below to ensure that you contribute to a positive and enjoyable golfing experience. 

Crucial Etiquette Rules to Practice on The Course

Line of Sight

When a golfer is getting ready to swing in the tee box, other players should stand out of the way and alongside the golfer, not behind him. If the player feels the need for more space or clarity and requests his fellow players to move, that request should be honored. 

Golf Carts and Equipment

Although golf carts offer great convenience on the course, they should not distract or annoy fellow players. At the putting green or tee box, always park your golf cart on the cart path and set brakes before disembarking. In terms of golf equipment, don’t place bags and clubs in front of the green as that might frustrate approaching players. Should you find lost equipment on the course, be honorable enough to turn it over to the clubhouse for easy retrieval by owners.

Walking and Maintaining Silence

During play, you should avoid running on the course but instead, walk lightly and quickly. When another golfer is playing their shot or preparing to, remain stationary and silent and keep distractions to a minimum. You should avoid talking or any sort of activity that might affect the player’s mental focus. Normalize leaving your phone in the changing room or setting it to silent mode to avoid unwanted distractions.

Fairway Divots and Bunkers

Always repair fairway divots sustained during your gameplay by replacing the grass or filling the divot with sand. Fortunately, most golf courses place divot repair mix containers on tees and carts, simplifying the process for you. Similarly, after playing from a bunker, use a rake to smooth the sand and get rid of divots and footprints.

Pitch Marks on the Green

When a ball hits the green, it usually leaves a pitch mark or indentation on the spot where it strikes the ground. When you arrive at the green, be kind enough to find your pitch marks and repair them, evening the greens out for other players. 

Honors vs. Ready Golf

In traditional honor’s golf, the winner of the hole in match play or the golfer with the best gross score on the previous hole tees off first. However, this method can take long and lead to a tedious round. Since 2019, ready golf is encouraged in stroke play formats whereby a player should be prepared to hit the ball when it’s their turn.