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How to Become a Master Ball Spinner

How to Become a Master Ball Spinner

You can get away with mistaking your favorite pro golfer for a magician, especially when you witness them perform a backspin where they hit the ball into the green, and then the ball rolls backward upon landing. Although such a perfect shot executed by a golf genius like Tiger Woods can make you question your knowledge of physics, the truth is that any golfer can pull it off by mastering a few essential tips. Backspin refers to the golf ball rotating backward during its air flight, which is crucial for producing enough lift and eventual distance and controlling where the ball stops once it lands on the ground.

5 Magic Hacks to Create Backspin on Your Golf Balls

Get Proper Equipment

Your choice of golf club and golf ball directly impacts your spin ability in golf. When choosing the club, the loft is the secret ingredient, so you should ideally go for wedges known for being the most lofted clubs in the bag. The best thing about a lofted club face is that it sweeps the golf ball’s backside, propelling it high in the air with enough backspin. 

Another essential aspect when picking your club is the built-in grooves on the clubface that offer debris such as mud and grass a place to hide so that you have enough surface area to make contact with the ball. You need to ensure that your clubface grooves are clean, dry, and not overly worn out to create the right amount of backspin. 

For golf balls, softer shells are better for backspin as they compress more and grip the club at impact, increasing the spin produced.

Position Your Ball Accordingly

Stance at address is one of the most crucial aspects of your golf swing, and if you seek to generate spin on your golf ball, you should position it a bit further back in your stance. The goal is to have the point of contact between your club and the ball arrive earlier in your swing’s arc. By so doing, you will hit the golf ball’s back first before hitting the turf, facilitating a downward strike that compresses the ball and produces spin.

Inspect The Ground Conditions

A golf course comes with varying ground conditions, so assessing the conditions around your ball is always vital before executing your shot. Generating spin on your golf ball especially requires favorable ground conditions. You should look at the cut of grass around your ball, which will influence your spin ability. To create great backspin, you don’t want any obstruction between the club and the ball because clean contact with the club face produces the desired effect. As such, the fairway is the best spot to create magical backspin shots due to the short grass, unlike the rough, where the long grass may get in the way.

Employ The Right Angle of Attack

The angle of attack in golf refers to your club head’s path as it approaches the ball on your downswing. As expected, this is a significant determinant of how much backspin you create, and the steeper the angle of attack, the more spin you can produce. To achieve this, go for a more vertical swing that mostly requires a larger divot so that you can hit the ball with a steeper attack angle and maximize spin. Important to note is also meeting the ball with a squared club face for the best spin, as opposed to a closed or open club face at impact, which will result in a sidespin.

Produce Enough Swing Speed

Last but not least, your swing speed will affect how much backspin your ball will have when it leaves the club face. You should pick a club that requires you to swing 100%, and the result will be more backspin on your ball. Many exercises can enable you to improve your swing speed, such as the weighted club drill, where you add little weighted donuts to your club, and as you practice routinely, you will build more muscle for faster swing speeds. Once you hit the course with your regular clubs, you’ll be shocked at how much your swing speed has improved.

Parting Shot

Although some professional golfers can make some magical moves they display on the course seem unattainable, practice makes perfect. Any golfer can make breathtaking shots with the proper determination. Mastering backspin will help you fly your balls over hazards like sand traps and then have them roll back to the pin. You will become a more competent and happier golfer as you practice better distance control and reach the pin faster than your competitors.