Essential Golf: A passion for the Game

How to Stay in Shape for Your Game

All the best athletes believe that games are won away from the field. As a golfer, you must also understand that all games a won off the green. For athletes, one can have superb technique but if their strength, endurance, and stamina are not well developed, the technique is not fully useful.

As a golfer, you must stay in shape to keep up with the competition. To achieve the best strength, endurance, and stamina, you should complete a wide range of golf workouts. “But golf is all about practicing the swing!” you will hear some players cry. But that’s a common misconception. All-round fitness, including core strength, stamina and muscular development, can contribute to your game an should be part of your exercise routine.

Golf-specific workouts are very important to ensure that you stay fit before, during, and after the game season. Working out will keep you strong, flexible, and in shape throughout. Common golf injuries arise from inflexibility and loss of balance during the game, especially when players overstretch or overexert specific muscles during the swing on the green. These injuries can be prevented by having players participate in golf workouts because an injury could affect not just one game, but a whole season, or even a career.

At the same time, players cannot afford to stay idle during the off-season. Simply because you are taking a break from golfing for the winter season doesn’t mean that you can’t be active, keep your skill and stay in shape for the next season. If you have a home golf simulator you can practice your swing in the off-season, but that must be accompanied by routines to improve your general fitness. You may choose to do these exercises in a gym, but you can do these workouts in the comfort of your home, though they will not be easy at first.

Keep In Shape

Whether you play golf for fun or competitions, these workouts will help you a lot. It is advisable to work out during the off-season so that you are fit by the time the season starts. The off-season is the best time to build the muscles, boost endurance and increase flexibility. This allows you to be in your best shape during the golf season. Your workouts intensity should be high, about three to four times a week during the off-season and moderate during the season for the best results.

Take your golfing to the next level with these four workouts:

Wrist Flexion

The quality of your swing will highly depend on the strength of your wrist. A strong flexible wrist will give you a perfect swing. Wrist flexion is an exercise that will help strengthen your wrist. This workout involves bending your wrist up with the palm facing downwards and bending the hand so that the arm faces the arm. This is an easy workout to do in the comfort of your home. When you strengthen your wrist, it gives you a powerful swing rotation.

Rotational Jump

Hold your hips with both hands and jump as high as you can as you rotate your body. You should ensure that you have the right footwear for this exercise to avoid sliding. The goal should be 180 degrees rotation as you jump. Do not stick to one direction but keep alternating to keep the balance. This workout also improves your golf swing. The golf swing movement involves the whole body so you need to be strong to get it right.

Sweep the Floor

This is ideal for backswing improvement. As the name suggests, this workout mimics the action of sweeping the floor. This exercise helps strengthen your shoulders for your backswing. Repeating the exercise will flex your shoulder muscles and joints.

Core Training

Core workouts will help you have more strength and stability during the game. If you do more core workouts, you will be more stable in your swing, and you will have the advantage of seeking distance. Core exercises include leg raises, planks, toe touches, etc.

Working out alone is a good idea, but it is best when you find a trainer to guide you on the best workouts for you.