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Learning To Putt

Learning to putt
Learning to putt
Welcome to Essential Golf tutorials. Professional golfers Michael Jacobs & Erika Larkin give you some top tips on learning to putt. These tips will be beneficial for golfers of all skill levels.

Putting makes up a whole 43 percent of your game, this is why learning to putt is incredibly important. A lot of putting is to do with good judgement—assesing the green will be a key component in putting well.

Judging surroundings

Steepness, grass length and weather will all become important variables. Judging steepness can be done with your feet by noticing the direction and degree of the slope you can feel. Once you’ve judged your surroundings, you can compensate your shot whilst keeping these variables in mind.

One of the great tips when learning to putt is to start assessing the green before you approach. Check your surrounding areas as golf courses are designed to drain the water well—this is why you might encounter varying degrees of sloping.

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