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Mizuno JPX900 Driver Review

Mizuno JPX900 Driver
Mizuno JPX900 Driver

When it comes to drivers, Mizuno have produced their best yet with the launch of the impressive Mizuno JPX900 driver, a club which promises to improve both the game and distance of golfers of all abilities.

One of the new additions to the marketplace in 2017, the latest offering from Mizuno is an improvement on the JPX850 and marks the Japanese manufacturer out as a serious player in the golf driver stakes.

Already a leading light when it comes to irons—such as the MP-5 range and the new JPX900 range used by TOUR professionals like Luke Donald—the JPX900 driver should help earn Mizuno a larger share of the driver market. It is now in the bag of Donald, for one.

What makes the Mizuno JPX900 driver the best yet?

Well, colour-wise it stands out because, like its predecessors, it comes in the familiar and striking royal blue associated with the brand. But the technological development that has gone into the driver makes it a significant improvement on the previous Mizuno drivers.

A slight tweak to the driver head means it is now marginally wider but also deeper, a change from previous models which helps make it a more forgiving club. Those errant tee shots of old can be controlled more with the JPX900.

It is underneath on the sole where the design has changed most, the three adjustable 8g weights allow for much more flexibility when it comes to set up. The draw and fade bias option are further apart now. The central adjustable area is also much longer and has four settings compared to the three of the JPX850.

The adjustable head settings—the JPX900 is set to 9.5 degrees is a neutral position but can be adjusted by one or two degrees to suit your preference—gives you great flexibility and the confidence that the driver can help shape your game for the better. The lift angle adjusts the angle of the face and the lie, although that can be readjusted via the prop on the sole of the head until you are comfortable.

It is no surprise, with the variety of settings to choose from, that Mizuno market the JPX900 driver as “our most adaptable driver ever—so you can create the spin rates and launch angle best suited to your ball speed”. That quite succinctly describes it to a t.

You get impressive distance from the JPX900—not incomparable with much more expensive drivers like the TaylorMade M2 or the Titleist 917—thanks to a fast ball speed from a club head which has a multi thickness face and strengthened key areas. All of this, yet it comes with a much lower price tag, and really is a club to consider putting in your bag.

All in all, the Mizuno JPX900 driver is a step up and improvement on the JPX850. If you were a fan of the previous version you’ll love this one. If you’ve not tried Mizuno before, you’d be mad not to give it a demo at the very least. It is the best driver the brand has produced.

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