Rory McIlroy Peloton Bike Challenge Gains Speed

Rory McIlroy challenges fellow PGA TOUR pros to beat his Peloton bike stats

With PGA TOUR and any professional golf-related events put on a major hiatus due to COVID-19, pro golfers, such as Rory McIlroy have found a new muse to stay fit, active, and competitive—the Peloton Cycle. Not only is Rory McIlroy the number one golfer in the world, but also he shared on Twitter his Peloton stats and they are impressive as his monumental golf record.

Peloton bikes are the perfect competitive cardio tool that comes with a Wi-Fi enabled tablet that allows you to compare stats in real time to other Peloton cyclists.

A tweet by Outside the Cut showcased the anonymous awe-inspiring stats of a Peloton cycle session that only “.001% of 9K riders” could attain. In terms of rider stats 955 kilojoules for a 45-minute ride are numbers that only a small percentile of athletes can achieve, and all of these who would be able to achieve, such as professional cyclists. It was rumored amongst golf enthusiasts and Peloton experts that the person behind these god-like Peloton cycle statistics was Rory McIlroy.

During a press conference before the Player’s, a Golf Digest reporter asked if the circulating stats were in fact his, to which he confirmed, “Yeah, so that was me.”

When asked about how he was able to get such an amazing output for only a 45-minute Peloton cycle session he admitted that the bike may have been a little juiced.

“So I did that the Monday after Riviera in the hotel I was staying at in Santa Monica,” he continued. “My bike at home, I can sort of get on the Peloton, and I can sit in the saddle at like a 50 resistance at like 90—like a 90 cadence and just sort of bang that out for 45 minutes or an hour. But 50 resistance on this bike felt really easy, so I sort of cranked it up. So I’d say that was a little juiced.”

Although the bike may have been slightly juiced that does not negate the fact that the dedicated and skilled nature of his Peloton cycle sessions are the talk of the fitness town for a reason. McIlroy admitted that he enjoyed setting goals for himself and outdoing his numbers each time.

It was this competitive nature coupled with the threat of isolation to prompt McIlroy to challenge his fellow PGA TOUR peers Billy Horschel, Justin Thomas, and Charley Hoffman to beat his record while on social isolation.

Before the official call-out from Rory McIlroy, Billy Horschel had made an attempt to beat McIlroy’s stats, but ended up coming up short.

 Horschel ended up producing about 628 kg of energy, which left him about a ranking of 253 out fo about 13,685 riders. McIlroy’s stats left him at a ranking of 11 out of about 9,240 riders. Safe to say Horschel has a long way to go before beating McIlroy.

Bubba Watson also hopped on his Peloton while promoting a live Peloton session with fellow athletes, such as Michael Phelps, Alex Toussaint, and Justin Thomas.

However, with the pending social distancing due to COVID-19, and pro golfing events on hiatus it is safe to say they all have a lot of time to catch up.

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